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New Album: UNKLE – The Road: Part 1 (2017/08/18) / New Track ‘The Road (feat. ESKA)’

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James Lavelle says:

“UNKLE has always been a multi-sensory creative project, ranging from genre-defining music to cutting-edge visual art. It therefore feels incredibly fitting to celebrate UNKLE’s past, present and future in Soho, where it all began, with an immersive show at the much-loved Lazarides. The exhibition is a collaboration between a number of very talented artists, presenting everything from paintings, videos, artefacts and film screenings; this is the definitive UNKLE experience. I look forward to welcoming visitors to daydream with us.”

Cover Art:

Artist: UNKLE
Title of Album: The Road
Release Date: August 18, 2017
Label: Songs For The Def (Alive)

Track Listing:
01. Iter I: Have You Looked At Yourself
02. Farewell (feat. YSÉE, ESKA, Elliott Power, Keaton Henson, Liela Moss, Mïnk, Dhani Harrison, and Steven Young)
03. Looking For the Rain (feat. Mark Lanegan and ESKA)
04. Cowboys Or Indians’ (feat. Elliott Power, Mïnk, and YSÉE)
05. Iter II: How Do You Feel
06. Nowhere to Run/Bandits
07. Iter III: Keep On Runnin
08. Stole Enough (feat. Mïnk)
09. Arms Length (feat. Elliott Power, Mïnk and Callum Finn)
10. Iter IV: We Are Stardust
11. Sonata (feat. Keaton Henson)
12. The Road (feat. ESKA)
13. Iter V: Friend Or Foe
14. Sunrise (Always Come Around) (feat. Liela Moss)
15. Sick Lullaby (feat. Keaton Henson)

Upcoming Tour Dates:
Jul 20 // Colours of Ostrava // Prague, Czechia
Jul 23 // Stereoleto // Saint Petersburg, Russia
Jul 29 // Galapagai Festival
Aug 03 // Selfridges Music Matters

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New Album: Romare – Love Songs: Part Two / New Single ‘Who Loves You?’

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Cover Art:

Artist: Romare
Title of Album: Love Songs: Part Two
Release Date: November 2016
Label: Ninja Tune


Upcoming Tour Dates:
09 Sep – Bestival, Isle of Wight, UK
17 Sep – Le Trabendo, Paris, France
24 Sep – Leeds University, Leeds, UK
28 Oct – Ninja Tune x Warehouse Project, Manchester, UK
29 Oct – XOYO, London, UK
23 Nov – The Pickle Factory, London, UK
24 Nov – World Headquarters, Newcastle, UK
26 Nov – Patterns, Brighton, UK
03 Dec – Gretchen, Berlin, Germany

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Official Video: Young Gun Silver Fox – You Can Feel It / Debut Album ‘West End Coast’

:: Deeply in love with this homage to the sounds of the 70s!


The lineup: Shawn Lee (drums, bass, keyboards) und Andy Platts (vocals, guitars, piano, bass, percussion)

Young Gun Silver Fox are musical sorcerers. On “West End Coast”, they’ve fashioned a fresh and modern sound that summons one of the most vibrant and influential epochs in popular music. The ten songs herein pay homage to 1970s Los Angeles, a golden age of recording that infused the pop charts and FM airwaves with a blend of soulful voices, immaculate melodies, stellar musicianship, and sophisticated studio technology.

The forces behind Young Gun Silver Fox are Andy Platts and Shawn Lee. It was inevitable that two of the most prolific and versatile pop music linguists would one day collaborate on a studio project that crystallized many of their creative strengths. “West End Coast” fuses the talents they’ve mastered in their respective careers, from Andy’s role as frontman and co-founder of UK band Mamas Gun to Shawn’s numerous self-produced projects with AM and his own Ping Pong Orchestra. The authentic hybrid of styles on “West End Coast” is further steeped in the fact that Shawn, the team’s silver-haired Silver Fox, is an American who resided in LA for seven years before relocating to London. “Speaking for myself, this is an album I’ve wanted to make for some time and Andy was the only person I felt I could make it with,” he says. “Andy understands the classic melodic pop side as well as the soul funky side that was absolutely vital to the creation of this music. What a voice!”

Recorded and mixed at Lee’s Trans-Yank Studio in London, “West End Coast” straddles several sensibilities that are united by the duo’s impeccable song writing. Each song is like a post card from their unique musical universe. Album opener “You Can Feel It” sets the tone with a soundscape that conjures the vastness of California’s Pacific Coast Highway and a cool ocean breeze blowing through the chorus. London’s West End sets the scene for “Emilia,” with a little Sunset Strip flash fuelling the song’s high octane grooves. “Better” casually sways from one chord progression to another as layers of different instrumentation are stirred into the mix and bring the song to a fever pitch. A strand of Philly-inspired soul threads through the DNA of “Distance Between Us” while “See Me Slumber” serves up a three-minute reverie of cascading melodies.

The latter tune’s coda sends the song into a whole other kind of orbit before the infectiously tuneful “In My Pocket” glimmers like a pot of pop music gold. In fact, little sonic treasures abound on “West End Coast”. A vigorous horn arrangement is among several attractions on “So Bad,” which packs a carnival of dazzling ideas into four minutes. Elsewhere, the central question in “Spiral” — “If your heart could only speak, what would it say now?” — is accompanied by slinky and sensual cadences. “Saturday” operates in two gears, one that snaps and crackles and another that curves and coasts, powering the song to its swift conclusion. Like waves crashing beneath a midnight sky, orchestral elements swell and recede amidst the more saturnine backdrop of “Long Way Back.” As the last note fades, the curtain falls on Young Gun Silver Fox’s series of ten vividly produced vignettes.

In the world Young Gun Silver Fox have created on “West End Coast”, every song leads to another sphere. No compass needed for this journey, just drop the stylus and get lost in the music. [Press release]

Cover Art:
West End Coast Young Gun Silver Fox

Artist: Young Gun Silver Fox
Title of Album: West End Coast
Release Date: November 13, 2015
Label: Légère Recordings

1 You Can Feel It
2 Emilia
3 Better
4 Distance Between Us
5 See Me Slumber
6 In My Pocket
7 So Bad
8 Spiral
9 Saturday
10 Long Way Back

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New Album: Metronomy – Summer 08 / Official Video ‘Night Owl’

:: Watch the new video for ‘Night Owl’, the latest single from METRONOMY, directed by Quentin Dupieux.


Cover Art:
Metronomy - Summer 08

Artist: Metronomy
Title of Album: Summer 08
Release Date: July 01, 2016
Label: Because Music

1 Back Together
2 Miami Logic
3 Old Skool
4 16 Beat
5 Hang Me Out To Dry (with Robyn)
6 Mick Slow
7 My House
8 Night Owl
9 Love’s Not an Obstacle
10 Summer Jam

Upcoming Tour Dates:
08 Sep // Darwin Caserne Niel // Bordeaux, France

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New Album: James Blake – The Colour in Anything (2016/05/05) / New Track ‘Timeless’

:: Stunning!


Cover Art:

Artist: James Blake
Title of Album: The Colour in Anything
Release Date: May 5, 2016
Label: Universal Records

1. Radio Silence
2. Points
3. Love Me in Whatever Way
4. Timeless
5. F.O.R.E.V.E.R
6. Put That Away And Talk To Me
7. I Hope My Life (1-800 Mix)
8. Waves Know Shores
9. Choose Me
10. I Need A Forest Fire
11. Noise Above Our Heads
12. The Colour In Anything
13. My Willing Heart
14. Two Men Down
15. Modern Soul
16. Always
17. Meet You In The Maze


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New Single: James Blake – Modern Soul

:: A gorgeous new track!


Cover Art:

Artist: James Blake
Title of Single: Modern Soul
Release Date: February 12, 2016

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Debut Solo Album: Jamie xx – In Colour (2015/06/02) / New Track ‘Gosh’

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Cover Art:

Artist: Jamie xx
Title of Debut Album: In Colour
Release Date: June 02, 2015
Label: Young Turks

01 Gosh
02 Sleep Sound
03 SeeSaw (feat. Romy)
04 Obvs
05 Just Saying
06 Stranger In A Room (Feat. Oliver Sim)
07 Hold Tight
08 Loud Places (feat. Romy)
09 I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times) (feat. Young Thug & Popcaan)
10 The Rest Is Noise
11 Girl

Upcoming Tour Dates:
May 16 // Nuits Sonores // Lyon, France
May 23 // YT @ Bombed Out // Church Liverpool, United Kingdom
May 30 // Forbidden Fruit // Dublin, Ireland
Jun 05 // St. John’s Church // London, United Kingdom
Jun 06 // Parklife Festival // Manchester, United Kingdom
Jun 07 // Wildlife // Brighton, United Kingdom
Jun 12 // Bestival // Toronto, Canada
Jun 13 // Bonnaroo // Manchester, TN
Jun 19 // Sonar // Barcelona, Spain
>> The full touring schedule is available here

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