New Album: Feist – Pleasure (2017/04/28)

:: Welcome back Feist!

Cover Artwork:

Artist: Feist
Title of Album: Pleasure
Release Date: April 28, 2017
Label: Universal Music

Track Listing:
01 Pleasure
02 I Wish I Didn’t Miss You
03 Get Not High, Get Not Low
04 Lost Dreams
05 Any Party
06 A Man Is Not His Song
07 The Wind
08 Century
09 Baby Be Simple
10 I’m Not Running Away
11 Young Up

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New Single: The xx – On Hold // New Album: I See You (2017/01/13)

:: Listen to first single.



Cover Art:

Artist: The xx
Title Of Album: I See You
Release Date: Janaury 13, 2017
Label: Young Turks

1. Dangerous
2. Say Something
3. Lips
4. A Violent Noise
5. Performance
6. Replica
7. Brave For You
8. On Hold
9. I Dare You
10. Test Me

Upcoming Tourdates:
Nov 28 // Bocarski Dom // Zagreb, Croatia
Nov 29 // Forum Karlin // Prague, Czech Republic Sold Out
Nov 30 // Hala Nr 2 MTP // Poznan, Poland
Dec 1 // Nowy Teatr // Warsaw, Poland Sold Out
Dec 3 // Compensa Arena // Vilnius, Lithuania Sold Out
Dec 6 // Toyosu PIT // Tokyo, Japan
Mar 23-25 // Festival Estereo Picnic // Bogota, Colombia
Mar 25 // Lollapalooza // Sao Paulo, Brazil
Mar-Apr 31-1 // Lollapalooza // San Isidro, Argentina
Apr 1-2 // Lollapalooza // Santiago, Chile
>> The full touring schedule is available here

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New Album: C Duncan – The Midnight Sun (2016/10/02) / Track ‘Wanted To Want It Too’

:: So goddamn beautiful!


Glasgow’s prodigious talent C Duncan released his critically acclaimed and Mercury Prize nominated debut album Architect earlier this year (last summer in the UK.) Now, his follow-up The Midnight Sun sees the bedroom producer return with a more expansive and experimental second offering, blending electronic elements and sweeping synth sounds with his signature layered vocals and dreamy instrumentation.

The album borrows its name from a Twilight Zone episode aired in 1961, in which the Earth’s orbit has been perturbed, causing it to fall slowly towards the sun. “’The Midnight Sun’ is one of my favorite episodes,” Duncan muses, “it embodies the style of Twilight Zone perfectly, which is often claustrophobic, mysterious and unnerving. Like Architect, The Midnight Sun was recorded and produced entirely by C Duncan in his Glasgow flat, using his bedroom studio set-up and gradually adding each layer and each instrument one at a time. Though time-consuming, the process allowed him to lovingly assemble an intricate and subtle collection of songs that pick up where Duncan began with Architect and move toward a cleaner and more precise vision of the Scottish songwriter’s vision. Duncan has heralded the new album as his “most coherent and concise work, sonically.”

The album’s artwork, a painting of a dimly lit staircase, is also a piece by C Duncan, who also happens to be a skilled painter. “This being another album made from home, I wanted the artwork to parallel that.” elaborates the artist. “The paintings I have done for it are of interiors – the stairwell outside my flat to be precise. I spend a lot of time out there thinking about music, and I wanted there to be a very personal element to the artwork.”

The Midnight Sun is decidedly personal, a testament to why he’s been so lavished with praise in his home country and now, on the precipice of this new release, its clear that Duncan will charm the rest of the world as well. [via Bandcamp]

Cover Art:

Artist: C Duncan
Title of Album: The Midnight Sun
Release Date: October 02, 2016
Label: FatCat Records

1 Nothing More
2 Like You Do
3 Other Side
4 Wanted To Want It Too
5 Who Lost
6 On Course
7 Last To Leave
8 Do I Hear?
9 The Midnight Sun
10 Jupiter
11 Window

Upcoming Tour Dates:
20 Oct // Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) // London, UK
24 – 29 Oct // DDW Festival 2016 // Eindhoven, Netherlands
26 Oct // Le Grand Mix 2016 Tourcoing, France
27 Oct // La Lune des Pirates 2016 Amiens, France
27 – 29 Oct // Pitchfork Music Festival Paris 2016 // Paris, France
29 Oct // Chapelle Saint-Jacques // Vendôme, France
31 Oct // Hafenkneipe // Zürich, Switzerland
02 Nov // Grüner Salon // Berlin, Germany
03 Nov // Turmzimmer, Uebel & Gefährlich // Hamburg, Germany

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New: Glass Animals – Youth [Official Video] / New Album ‘How To Be A Human Being’ (2016/08/26)

:: Yes!

Cover Art:
Glass_Animals_How To_Be_A_Human_Being

Artist: Glass Animals
Title of Album:
 How To Be A Human Being
Release Date: August 26, 2016
Label: Wolf Tone Limited

1 Life Itself
2 Youth
3 Season 2 Episode 3
4 Explicit Pork Soda
5 Mama’s Gun
6 Cane Shuga
7 Explicit [Premade Sandwiches]
8 Explicit The Other Side of Paradise
9 Explicit Take a Slice
10 Poplar St.
11 Explicit Agnes

Upcoming Tour Dates:
Jul 26 // House Of Yes // Brooklyn, New York United States
Aug 07 // Wilderness Festival // Oxfordshire United Kingdom
Aug 19 // Pukkelpop Festival // Hasselt Belgium
Sep 03 // Electric Picnic Festival // County Laois Ireland
Sep 08 // Bestival // Isle of Wight, United Kingdom
Sep 24 // The Ritz, NC // Raleigh United States
Sep 25 // Echostage // Washington, DC United States
Sep 26 // The Fillmore Philadelphia // Philadelphia, PA United States
Sep 28 // Terminal 5 // New York, NY United States
>> The full touring schedule is available here

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New Album: Metronomy – Summer 08 / Official Video ‘Night Owl’

:: Watch the new video for ‘Night Owl’, the latest single from METRONOMY, directed by Quentin Dupieux.


Cover Art:
Metronomy - Summer 08

Artist: Metronomy
Title of Album: Summer 08
Release Date: July 01, 2016
Label: Because Music

1 Back Together
2 Miami Logic
3 Old Skool
4 16 Beat
5 Hang Me Out To Dry (with Robyn)
6 Mick Slow
7 My House
8 Night Owl
9 Love’s Not an Obstacle
10 Summer Jam

Upcoming Tour Dates:
08 Sep // Darwin Caserne Niel // Bordeaux, France

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New Track: Two Door Cinema Club – Are We Ready? (Wreck) / New Album ‘Gameshow’

:: The first track off their third album.


Cover Art:
Two Door Cinema Club

Artist: Two Door Cinema Club
Title of Album: Gameshow
Release Date: 2016


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Debut Album: Lydmor & Bon Homme – Seven Dreams Of Fire (15/11/06) / Track ‘Things We Do For Love’

:: Such a beautiful match of voices…


Lydmor/BonHomme is the unification of two very different personas and well-established artists from the Nordic music scene.
On one hand there is the eccentric Bon Homme, who is mostly known as singer/bassist in legendary, Danish disco-kings WhoMadeWho, but also as a esteemed remix artist, who previously worked with acts such as Digitalism (DE), Hot Chip (UK), 2 Many DJ’s (BE), etc.

On the other there is the young singer and producer Lydmor, who has toured throughout most of the world both as a solo act and in collaboration with established acts such as Arsenal (BE), Alle Farben (DE) and so on.
Now Lydmor and Bon Homme have joined forces in a new project combining the very best of their respective qualities – a lethal concoction of pounding beats, captivating synths and hook-ridden melodies.

The two are also known for their outrageously intense live-sets, which only a few select audiences in their native Denmark have yet experienced – until now. Lydmor & BonHomme are ready with their next joined venture – their first album ‘Seven Dreams Of Fire’ and touring activities that will take the duo onto new heights!

Cover Art:
Lydmor & Bon Homme - Seven Dreams Of Fire

Artist: Lydmor und Bon Homme
Title of Album: Seven Dreams Of Fire
Release Date: November 06, 2015
Label: hfn music

1. Things We Do For Love
2. Trooper
3. Dream Of Fire
4. Go Fingers Go
5. Flash
6. Wired
7. Vanity
8. Trampoline
9. Tear Us Apart Again
10. Rain
11. Missed Out On Disco
12. Dream Of Fire Part 2
13. End

Upcoming Tour Dates:
Nov 27 // Bremen Teater // Indre By, Denmark
Dec 10 // Glimps Festival // Gent, Belgium
Dec 17 // Kiff // Aarau, Switzerland
Dec 18 // Oya // St. Gallen, Switzerland
Dec 19 // Queen Kong Club // Neuchatel, Switzerland

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