Debut Album: Harriet Brown – Contact

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Ascending from Los Angeles by way of the Bay Area, artist, writer and producer Harriet Brown is back to deliver his debut album, Contact, the follow-up to his 2014 EP, New Era. Composed, arranged, co-produced and performed by your very own himself, Contact is a concept album about communication and the contact we purposely, accidentally and inherently struggle to make between friends, lovers and strangers, be them human or otherwise. And when it comes to the live show, Harriet Brown will stun you. It’s an all-in-one package deal with sensual vocals, live loops, groovin’ drum machines, manic guitar lines and thick synths, all at the hands of one being. It’s no secret that this multi-instrumentalist and producer is influenced sonically and ethically by The Artist himself. And If Prince is his king, Sade is his queen, as they reside over an ever expanding court of every genre that falls in between. Harriet Brown’s sound is not what you’d expect from a one man band – sexual and sensitive, ambiguous and androgynous, prepare to be paralyzed by the sounds of Harriet Brown.

Cover Art:

Artist: Harriet Brown
Title of Album: Contact
Release Date: April 21, 2017
Label: Innovative Leisure

Track Listing:
1 Intro
3 Paralyzed
4 Cybernetiplegia
5 Contact
6 Mother
7 Obsession
8 Cryptid
9 Atlantis
10 Outro (Athanasi)
11 In My Head

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Listen: Hush Moss – It Takes A Lot

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Hush Moss is a Berlin-based artist whose music will transport you to a time of plenty and flamboyance. The Debut album ‘It Takes A Lot’ hearkens back to the halcyon days of roller skates, coke mirrors and discotheques. You’ll catch yourself lying on a grand piano in the penthouse suite punch drunk in a pastel pink suit. It’s bright and velvety elevator jazz executed with a Steely Dan sense of irony, cradling you in the warm uterine wax blot of a lava lamp as your disembodied self shines out onto the marble floor.

The album was shaped by Hush Moss with the help of producers Captain Richard Beef and Young Yosef. Lead single ‘Slowly Disappear’ is luxurious with its crystalline synths and old school funky bass rhythms. The smooth, chorus-soaked guitars evoke the late Prince and the ensemble sounds like some creamy R&B number you’ll think has always existed. Hush Moss has a canny ear for nuance; the level of detail infecting these numbers is microscopic. A cursory listen to the title track reveals that every texture and every rhythm interlocks indulgently to evoke a maximalist’s aural paradise. [Press release via SSC]


The lineup: Eden Leshem (vocals, guitar), Aviv Meshulam (guitar, synth, percussion), Dekel Adin (bass), Guy Fleisher (drums), Guy Gefen (congas), Dolev Nahoom Sanbira (saxophone), Ziv Sobelman Yamin (keys).

Cover Art:

Artist: Hush Moss
Title of Album: It Takes A Lot
Release Date: September 16, 2016
Label: Average Negative

1 It Takes a Lot
2 Slowly Disappear
3 Always Gonna Give Myself to You
4 Take Me by the Hand
5 Perfect Proof
6 Have to Stay
7 Through and Through
8 In Reims

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New Album: Jamiroquai – Automaton / Title Track ‘Automaton’

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Global electronic soul funk sensation and international tastemakers, Jamiroquai, announce their 8th studio album following from the band’s last album ‘Rock Dust Star Light’ in 2010. Founded in 1992 by front man Jay Kay, the pioneers of “future funk” have taken the world by storm, establishing themselves as one of the most successful popular acts on the planet. Since the release of their debut album ‘Emergency on Planet Earth’ in 1993, Jamiroquai have completed reinvigorated modern pop music while also paving the way as chief influencers of some of today’s most exciting artists. With famous fans including the likes of Chance the Rapper, Pharrell, Tyler the Creator, Jungle, Redman & The Internet as well as historic performances alongside Stevie Wonder & Diana Ross, Jamiroquai have consistently proved themselves as one of the globe’s most revered and unifying musical innovators of our time. With over seven albums reaching the UK Top 10 (and three reaching #1), the Grammy Award winning, Brits-nominated band have sold over 26m albums worldwide and hold the Guinness Book of World Records record for best-selling funk album of all time.

‘Automaton’ Vinyl is a double heavyweight Gatefold vinyl, printed inners, consisting of twelve tracks including singles, ‘Automaton’ and ‘Cloud 9’ and a download code for Redemption of Digital album. [Press release via]

Cover Art:

Artist: Jamiroquai
Title of Album: Automaton
Release Date: March 31, 2017
Label: Virgin EMI

Track Listing:
1. Shake It On
2. Automaton
3. Cloud 9
4. Superfresh
5. Hot Property
6. Something About You
7. Summer Girl
8. Nights Out In The Jungle
9. Dr Buzz
10. We Can Do It
11. Vitamin
12. Carla

Upcoming Tour Dates:
Mar 28 // Salle Pleyel // Paris, France
May 25 // Tokyo International Forum // Tokyo, Japan
Jun 17 // Release Athens 2017 // Athens, Greece
Jul 07 – Jul 09 // North Sea Jazz Festival 2017 Ahoy // Rotterdam, Netherlands
Jul 11 // Visarno Arena – Parco Delle Cascine // Florence, Italy
Jul 11 // Firenze Summer Festival 2017 Visarno Arena – Parco Delle Cascine // Florence, Italy
Jul 13 – Jul 16 // Musilac 2017 // Aix Les Bains, France
Jul 14 // Kirjurinluoto // Pori, Finland
Jul 14 // Pori Jazz 2017 // Pori, Finland
Jul 14– Jul 20 // Moon And Stars 2017 – Piazza Grande Di Locarno // Locarno, Switzerland
Jul 19– Jul 22 //Colours Of Ostrava 2017 // Ostrava, Czech Republic
Aug 01 – Aug 07 // Sudoeste 2017 // Zambujeira do Mar, Portugal
Aug 09– Aug 13 // Boardmasters Festival 2017 // Newquay, UK

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Listen: NAO – For All We Know

:: Now´s the time for Nao


Cover Art:

Artist: Nao
Title of Album: For All We Know
Release Date: July 29, 2016
Label: Little Tokyo Recordings

1. Intro (Like Velvet)
2. Get To Know Ya
3. Inhale Exhale
4. Voice Memo 161
5. Happy
6. Voice Memo 162
7. Adore You (feat. Abhi Dijon)
8. In The Morning
9. Trophy (feat. A. K. Paul)
10. Bad Blood
11. DYWM
12. We Don’t Give A
13. Give Me A Little
14. Fool To Love
15. Voice Memo 4 (Say Yes)
16. Blue Wine
17. Girlfriend
18. Feels Like (Perfume)

Upcoming Tour Dates: 
Nov 08 // Exil // Zurich, Switzerland
Nov 09 // Botanique Orangerie // Brussels, Belgium
Nov 10 // Cafe La Danse // Paris, France
Nov 12 // Sonic Visions Festival // Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Nov 14 // Paradiso // Amsterdam, Netherlands
Nov 16 // Knust // Hamburg, Germany
Nov 17 // Berghain // Berlin, Germany
Nov 25 // Vodafone Mexefest // Lisboa, Portugal

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Listen: Paolo Nutini – Iron Sky

:: Paolo Nutini, thank you for your music!


Cover Art:

Artist: Paolo Nutini
Title of Album: Caustic Love
Release Date: April 11, 2014
Label: Atlantic Records UK

1. Scream (Funk My Life Up)
2. Let Me Down Easy
3. Bus Talk (interlude)
4. One Day
5. Numpty
6. Superfly
7. Better Man
8. Iron Sky
9. Diana
10. Fashion
11. Looking For Something
12. Cherry Blossom
13. Someone Like You

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New Album: The Robert Glasper Experiment – ArtScience (2016/09/16) / New Single ‘Find You’

:: ArtScience (Blue Note) is available for pre-order now on iTunes and Amazon. Those pre-ordering the download will instantly receive lead track “Find You,” which is also available as a single on streaming services.

Cover Art:
The Robert Glasper Experiment

Artist: The Robert Glasper Experiment
Title of Album: ArtScience
Release Date: September 16, 2016
Label: Blue Note Records

1. This Is Not Fear (D. Hodge, R. Glasper, C. Benjamin, M. Colenburg)
2. Thinkin Bout You (R. Glasper, D. Hodge, M. Ayers)
3. Day To Day (C. Benjamin)
4. No One Like You (R. Glasper, C. Benjamin)
5. You And Me (R. Glasper, D. Hodge, C. Benjamin, M. Colenburg)
6. Tell Me A Bedtime Story (H. Hancock)
7. Find You (C. Benjamin, D. Hodge, R. Glasper, M. Colenburg)
8. In My Mind (R. Glasper, M. Colenburg)
9. Hurry Slowly (C. Benjamin)
10. Written In Stone (C. Benjamin, J. Lake, R. Glasper, R. Coleman)
11. Let’s Fall In Love (R. Glasper, M. Vorzimer, A. Niambi)
12. Human (J. Harris, T. Lewis)

Upcoming Tour Dates:
Aug 18 // Vorterix Theater Buenos Aires, Argentina
Aug 20 // SESC Pompei Sao Paulo, Brazil
Aug 21 // SESC Pompei Sao Paulo, Brazil
Aug 22 // Teatro Nescafé de las Artes Providencia, Chile
Oct 03 // The Bowery Ballroom New York, NY
Nov 01 // Kägelbanan Södra Teatern Stockholm, Sweden
>> The full touring schedule is available here

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Official Video: Young Gun Silver Fox – You Can Feel It / Debut Album ‘West End Coast’

:: Deeply in love with this homage to the sounds of the 70s!


The lineup: Shawn Lee (drums, bass, keyboards) und Andy Platts (vocals, guitars, piano, bass, percussion)

Young Gun Silver Fox are musical sorcerers. On “West End Coast”, they’ve fashioned a fresh and modern sound that summons one of the most vibrant and influential epochs in popular music. The ten songs herein pay homage to 1970s Los Angeles, a golden age of recording that infused the pop charts and FM airwaves with a blend of soulful voices, immaculate melodies, stellar musicianship, and sophisticated studio technology.

The forces behind Young Gun Silver Fox are Andy Platts and Shawn Lee. It was inevitable that two of the most prolific and versatile pop music linguists would one day collaborate on a studio project that crystallized many of their creative strengths. “West End Coast” fuses the talents they’ve mastered in their respective careers, from Andy’s role as frontman and co-founder of UK band Mamas Gun to Shawn’s numerous self-produced projects with AM and his own Ping Pong Orchestra. The authentic hybrid of styles on “West End Coast” is further steeped in the fact that Shawn, the team’s silver-haired Silver Fox, is an American who resided in LA for seven years before relocating to London. “Speaking for myself, this is an album I’ve wanted to make for some time and Andy was the only person I felt I could make it with,” he says. “Andy understands the classic melodic pop side as well as the soul funky side that was absolutely vital to the creation of this music. What a voice!”

Recorded and mixed at Lee’s Trans-Yank Studio in London, “West End Coast” straddles several sensibilities that are united by the duo’s impeccable song writing. Each song is like a post card from their unique musical universe. Album opener “You Can Feel It” sets the tone with a soundscape that conjures the vastness of California’s Pacific Coast Highway and a cool ocean breeze blowing through the chorus. London’s West End sets the scene for “Emilia,” with a little Sunset Strip flash fuelling the song’s high octane grooves. “Better” casually sways from one chord progression to another as layers of different instrumentation are stirred into the mix and bring the song to a fever pitch. A strand of Philly-inspired soul threads through the DNA of “Distance Between Us” while “See Me Slumber” serves up a three-minute reverie of cascading melodies.

The latter tune’s coda sends the song into a whole other kind of orbit before the infectiously tuneful “In My Pocket” glimmers like a pot of pop music gold. In fact, little sonic treasures abound on “West End Coast”. A vigorous horn arrangement is among several attractions on “So Bad,” which packs a carnival of dazzling ideas into four minutes. Elsewhere, the central question in “Spiral” — “If your heart could only speak, what would it say now?” — is accompanied by slinky and sensual cadences. “Saturday” operates in two gears, one that snaps and crackles and another that curves and coasts, powering the song to its swift conclusion. Like waves crashing beneath a midnight sky, orchestral elements swell and recede amidst the more saturnine backdrop of “Long Way Back.” As the last note fades, the curtain falls on Young Gun Silver Fox’s series of ten vividly produced vignettes.

In the world Young Gun Silver Fox have created on “West End Coast”, every song leads to another sphere. No compass needed for this journey, just drop the stylus and get lost in the music. [Press release]

Cover Art:
West End Coast Young Gun Silver Fox

Artist: Young Gun Silver Fox
Title of Album: West End Coast
Release Date: November 13, 2015
Label: Légère Recordings

1 You Can Feel It
2 Emilia
3 Better
4 Distance Between Us
5 See Me Slumber
6 In My Pocket
7 So Bad
8 Spiral
9 Saturday
10 Long Way Back

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