New Track: Mount Kimbie – We Go Home Together ft. James Blake

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Cover Art:

Artist: Mount Kimbie
Title of Single: We Go Home Together
Release Date: April 04, 2017
Label: Warp Records

Upcoming Tour Dates:
Jul 01 // Pitch Festival // Amsterdam
Jul 06 // Feel Festival // Bergheider See
Jul 07 // Zoom // Frankfurt
Jul 08 // Open Source Festival // Düsseldorf
Aug 12 // Sur Le Lac // St Gallen
Aug 18 // Pukkelpop // Hasselt
Aug 19 // Dockville // Hamburg

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Debut Album: Chaz Bundick Meets The Mattson 2 – Star Stuff (2017/03/31) / New Track ‘Star Stuff’

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Chaz Bundick meets The Mattson 2 “Star Stuff” is the kind of record that only comes about every once in a blue moon. It slips into existence by the merest margins at the very edge of universal consciousness and then expands to fill a vacuum that we didn’t know needed filling until it appeared full right before us.

The unspoken brotherly bond of the Mattson 2 and the incredibly refined and aesthetic genius of Chaz Bundick (playing both the role of musician and producer) combined to invoke this album from the ether. The Mattsons’ brotherly forgetfulness acted as a catalyst for this most spectacular of collaborations: Jared Mattson (Guitar/bass/extra dimensional texture) forgot to pack a drum stool for Jonathan (Drums/Intra dimensional rythmality) for a show in Oakland in late 2014.

A mutual friend, photographer Andrew Paynter, said he knew someone nearby who might have one, that someone was Chaz Bundick. Chaz stayed to watch their show, and over the following few months they recorded with no set schedule, no set plan, no rules and no limits.

“We all got together after that first encounter, meeting at Chaz’s home studio in Berkeley. We had no set musical ideas because we wanted this to be fresh and pure and 100% collaborative… The songs started morphing and the camaraderie got so strong, inspired, and positive that it was absolutely exhilarating working together! We had the utmost trust in one another. It naturally became a joint record so it became fitting to call it a “meets” project.” – Jared Mattson [Press Release via Bandcamp]

Cover Art:

Artist: Chaz Bundick Meets The Mattson 2
Title of Album: Star Stuff
Release Date: March 31, 2017
Label: Company Records

Track Listing:
1. Sonmoi
2. A Search
3. JBS
4. Star Stuff
5. Steve Pink
6. Disco Kid
7. Don’t Blame Yourself
8. Cascade

Upcoming Tour Dates:

11/07: Neptune – Seattle, WA
11/09: Wonder Ballroom – Portland, OR
11/10: The UC Theatre – Berkeley, CA
11/11: SLO Brew – San Luis Obispo, CA
11/12: Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival – Los Angeles, CA
11/14: Crescent Ballroom – Phoenix, AZ
11/15: Tricky Falls – El Paso, TX
11/16: Meow Wolf – Santa Fe, NM
11/17: Fox Theatre – Boulder, CO
11/18: Urban Lounge – Salt Lake City, UT
11/19: Knitting Factory – Boise, ID
11/20: The Badlander – Missoula, MT

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New Album: Elbow – Little Fictions (2017/02/03) / Track ‘All Disco’

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Cover Art:

Artist: Elbow
Title of Album: Little Fictions
Release Date: February 03, 2017
Label: Polydor

Track Listing:
1. Magnificent (She Says)
2. Gentle Storm
3. Trust the Sun
4. All Disco
5. Head for Supplies
6. Firebrand & Angel
7. K2
8. Montparnasse
9. Little Fictions
10. Kindling

Upcoming Tour Dates:

>> The full touring schedule is available here.

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Debut Album: Cancer – Totem / New Track ‘Die One More Time’

:: Beautiful work.

Cancer is a new duo consisting of When Saints Go Machine lead singer and producer Nikolaj Manuel Vonsild and Chorus Grant lead singer and guitarist Kristian Finne Kristensen. The two songwriters and friends have been working on creating a new and unique musical universe for several years. The band is preparing an international release of the beautiful minialbum Ragazzi later this year.

”Same Color as Digital Photography” is the first single from the band. Nikolaj Manuel Vonsild is known for his distinctive, beautiful and soulful vocals from Danish electronic outfit When Saints Go Machine. Kristian Finne Kristensen is known for his warm vocals and analogue sound from guitars, bass and drums in Chorus Grant. With Cancer both musicians show yet another side of their talent. The songs on Ragazzi are both radical and beautiful future ballads oozing with presence, a restless calm and out-of-this-world melodiousness which cuts through the gamut of emotions with a deeply melancholic undercurrent.

Ragazzi consists of 6 songs lasting well over 30 minutes. Nis Bysted, who has also worked with bands like, Iceage, Choir of Young Believers & his own band Thulebasen, produced the record alongside Nikolaj & Kristian. The richness of sound found in Ragazzi arises from the energy and subtle ferocity created in recording live instruments, as well as a great wealth of detail and poetic meticulousness in the lyrics. Nikolaj & Kristian have written 6 songs that lyrically take place in the mind’s peripheral areas; where everything is at stake. The phonetics of the lyrics have shaped the music just as much as the other way around. Cancer played their first concert on the prestigious Danish film festival cph:dox in November 2012 and have since played only a handful of carefully chosen shows – each time leaving the audience out of breath with excitement. When playing live Cancer is a 4-man band (vocals, guitar, bass, drums and samples). In their first live outing of 2014, Cancer will be playing at Roskilde Festival in July, performing the entirety of Ragazzi as well as a selection of new material. [Press release via Cancer]

Cover Art:

Artist: Cancer
Title of Album: Totem
Release Date: January 27, 2017
Label: Tambourhinoceros

Track Listing:
1 Esca
2 Explicit Die One More Time
3 Honey
4 Testa Nera Prima
5 Errors
6 Tears
7 Mr. Exorcist
8 Tak for Nu
9 Savage
10 Animals
11 This Is Where It Hurts

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New Track: Father John Misty – Ballad of the Dying Man / New Album ‘Pure Comedy’

:: Brilliant lyrics and arrangement!


Cover Art:

Artist: Father John Misty
Title of Album: Pure Comedy
Release Date: April 07, 2017
Label: Sub Pop Records

Track Listing:
1 Pure Comedy
2 Total Entertainment Forever
3 Things It Would Have Been Helpful to Know Before the Revolution
4 Ballad of the Dying Man
5 Birdie
6 Leaving LA
7 A Bigger Paper Bag
8 When the God of Love Returns There’ll Be Hell to Pay
9 Smoochie
10 Two Wildly Different Perspectives
11 The Memo
12 So I’m Growing Old on Magic Mountain
13 In Twenty Years or So


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Debut Album: Charlie Cunningham – Lines (2017/01/27) / New Track ‘Minimum’

:: I adore his sound!


Cover Art:

Artist: Charlie Cunningham
Title of Album: Lines
Release Date: January 27, 2017
Label: Dumont Dumont

Track Listing:
1 An Opening
2 I Can Be
3 Born
4 Lines
5 Lights Off
6 Minimum
7 Answers
8 How Much
9 Breather
10 Molino
11 You Sigh
12 While You Are Young

Upcoming Tour Dates:
Feb 07 // Sneaky Pete’s. // Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Feb 10 // Woodlands Centre // Isle Of Lewis, United Kingdom
Feb 11 // The Tooth and Claw // Inverness, United Kingdom
Feb 13 // The Tunnels // Aberdeen, United Kingdom
Feb 15 // CATHEDRALE SAINT JEAN // Besancon, France
Feb 23 // Union Chapel // London, United Kingdom
Mar 22 // Trois Baudets // Paris, France
Mar 24 // Schloss Landestrost // Neustadt Am Rübenberge, Germany
Mar 25 // Konzerthaus Dortmund // Dortmund, Germany
Mar 26 // Kampnagel // Hamburg, Germany
>> The full touring schedule is available here

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Debut Album: Lance Skiiiwalker – Introverted Intuition / New Track ‘Lover’s Lane’

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Cover Art:

Artist: Lance Skiiiwalker
Title of Album: Introverted Intuition
Release Date: October 18, 2016
Label: TDE

1 Forbidden Fruit
2 ((Ni)) Radio
3 Could It Be
4 Speed
5 Stockholm (feat. Michael Anthony)
6 Sound
7 All Stops
8 Skit / Her Song
9 Attraction
10 Toaster (feat. ScHoolboy Q)
11 Advantage
12 Lover’s Lane
13 Reality

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