New Song: Sufjan Stevens – Wallowa Lake Monster

:: The man is pure genius.


“Wallowa Lake Monster” is one of four previously unreleased songs included on his upcoming mixtape, The Greatest Gift. The Greatest Gift is due out Nov. 24 on Asthmatic Kitty.

Cover Art:

Artist: Sufjan Stevens
Title: The Greatest Gift Mixtape – Outtakes, Remixes & Demos from Carrie & Lowell
Release Date: November 24, 2017
Label: Asthmatic Kitty


side A
Wallowa Lake Monster (Carrie & Lowell Outtake)
Drawn To The Blood (Sufjan Stevens Remix)
Death With Dignity (Helado Negro Remix)
John My Beloved (iPhone Demo)
Drawn To The Blood (Fingerpicking Version)
The Greatest Gift (Carrie & Lowell Outtake)

side B
Exploding Whale (Doveman Remix)
All Of Me Wants All Of You (Helado Negro Remix)
Fourth Of July (900X Remix)
The Hidden River Of My Life (Carrie & Lowell Outtake)
City of Roses (Carrie & Lowell Outtake)

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