Listen: Hush Moss – It Takes A Lot

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Hush Moss is a Berlin-based artist whose music will transport you to a time of plenty and flamboyance. The Debut album ‘It Takes A Lot’ hearkens back to the halcyon days of roller skates, coke mirrors and discotheques. You’ll catch yourself lying on a grand piano in the penthouse suite punch drunk in a pastel pink suit. It’s bright and velvety elevator jazz executed with a Steely Dan sense of irony, cradling you in the warm uterine wax blot of a lava lamp as your disembodied self shines out onto the marble floor.

The album was shaped by Hush Moss with the help of producers Captain Richard Beef and Young Yosef. Lead single ‘Slowly Disappear’ is luxurious with its crystalline synths and old school funky bass rhythms. The smooth, chorus-soaked guitars evoke the late Prince and the ensemble sounds like some creamy R&B number you’ll think has always existed. Hush Moss has a canny ear for nuance; the level of detail infecting these numbers is microscopic. A cursory listen to the title track reveals that every texture and every rhythm interlocks indulgently to evoke a maximalist’s aural paradise. [Press release via SSC]


The lineup: Eden Leshem (vocals, guitar), Aviv Meshulam (guitar, synth, percussion), Dekel Adin (bass), Guy Fleisher (drums), Guy Gefen (congas), Dolev Nahoom Sanbira (saxophone), Ziv Sobelman Yamin (keys).

Cover Art:

Artist: Hush Moss
Title of Album: It Takes A Lot
Release Date: September 16, 2016
Label: Average Negative

1 It Takes a Lot
2 Slowly Disappear
3 Always Gonna Give Myself to You
4 Take Me by the Hand
5 Perfect Proof
6 Have to Stay
7 Through and Through
8 In Reims

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