Debut Album: Liz Aku – Ankhor (2017/05/05) / First Single ‘Seasons Change’

:: This is not to be missed!


It was a long wait, but with her new album Ankhor, Belgian soul talent Liz Aku has proven once again that music is a calling rather than a profession. Honed and refined by years of collaboration with the best artists Belgium’s music scene has to offer, Liz Aku’s sound is the result of a journey. The first leg of it was spent working with musicians such as Ozark Henry, Sweet Coffee and DeLaVega, and resulted in the solo debut Me, Versatile Me.

Searching for guidance in the production of her album, gut feeling next led her to the renowned Mara TK. This Electric Wire Hustle front man immediately recognized her talent and helped her find a more mature sound in faraway New Zealand. What can we say, sometimes you have to cross half the world to find yourself… Expect collabs with Chief & Deheb, Maximoe, Zulu Moon, Bart Maris, Lander Gyselinck and Potatohead People. [Press release via]

First Single Seasons Change coming out February 24th. The pre-order for the album Ankhor will start March 31th (incl. 2 grat track).

Cover Art:

Artist: Liz Aku
Title of Album: Ankhor
Release Date: May 05,  2017
Label: Sonar Kollektiv


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