New Album: Chaz Bundick Meets the Mattson 2 – Star Stuff

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Chaz Bundick meets The Mattson 2 Star Stuff is the kind of record that only comes about every once in a blue moon. It slips into existence by the merest margins at the very edge of universal consciousness and then expands to fill a vacuum that we didn’t know needed filling until it appeared full right before us.

The unspoken brotherly bond of the Mattson 2 and the incredibly refined and aesthetic genius of Chaz Bundick (playing both the role of musician and producer) combined to invoke this album from the ether. The Mattsons’ brotherly forgetfulness acted as a catalyst for this most spectacular of collaborations: Jared Mattson (Guitar/bass/extra dimensional texture) forgot to pack a drum stool for Jonathan (Drums/Intra dimensional rythmality) for a show in Oakland in late 2014.

A mutual friend, photographer Andrew Paynter, said he knew someone nearby who might have one, that someone was Chaz Bundick. Chaz stayed to watch their show, and over the following few months they recorded with no set schedule, no set plan, no rules and no limits.

We all got together after that first encounter, meeting at Chaz’s home studio in Berkeley. We had no set musical ideas because we wanted this to be fresh and pure and 100% collaborative… The songs started morphing and the camaraderie got so strong, inspired, and positive that it was absolutely exhilarating working together! We had the utmost trust in one another. It naturally became a joint record so it became fitting to call it a “meets” project.” – Jared Mattson [Press release]

Cover Art:

Artist: Chaz Bundick Meets the Mattson 2
Title: Star Stuff
Release Date: March 31, 2017
Label: Company Records

01 Sonmoi
02 A Search
03 JBS
04 Star Stuff
05 Steve Pink
06 Disco Kid
07 Don’t Blame Yourself
08 Cascade

Upcoming Tour Dates:
Nov 07 // Neptune // Seattle, WA
Nov 09 // Wonder Ballroom // Portland, OR
Nov 10 // The UC Theatre // Berkeley, CA
Nov 11 // SLO Brew // San Luis Obispo, CA
Nov 12 // Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival // Los Angeles, CA
Nov 14 // Crescent Ballroom // Phoenix, AZ
Nov 15 // Tricky Falls // El Paso, TX
Nov 16 // Meow Wolf // Santa Fe, NM
Nov 17 // Fox Theatre // Boulder, CO
Nov 18 // Urban Lounge // Salt Lake City, UT
Nov 19 // Knitting Factory // Boise, ID
Nov 20 // The Badlander // Missoula, MT



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