New Album: Electric Wire Hustle – The 11th Sky (2016/09/30) [Full Album Stream]

:: The long awaited 3rd studio album ‘The 11th Sky‘ is out!


Following on from the release of the award winning Love Can Prevail, Electric Wire Hustle release their third album, The 11th Sky. Continuing on with the surreal storytelling first seen on the Aeons EP, The 11th Sky shows an act further pushing the boundaries of conventional genres, and their own sound. Electronic beats, smooth vocals, and driving synths are punctuated throughout a release which features Mara TK at his strongest as a songwriter.

Expanding on their psychedelic/soul-sound, the album is best described as “David Lynch meets Motown”. Across nine tracks, the album shows a new evolution to Electric Wire Hustle’s sound, while maintaining the hallmarks which have garnered them critical acclaim and fans across the globe – unique production, and the inimitable voice of Mara TK. [via Bandcamp]

Cover Art:

Artist: Electric Wire Hustle
Title of Album: The 11th Sky
Release Date: September 30, 2016
Label: Bastard Jazz Recordings

1 Go Slow
2 Troublemakers
3 Golden Ladder
4 I Light A Candle
5 OH I
6 The Border
7 Aeons
8 Red Window
9 March Feat. Deva Mehal

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