Listen: The Dip – Ain’t Necessary (The Prince)

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The lineup: Tom Eddy (Vocals, Guitar), Jarred Katz (Drums), Mark Hunter (Bass Guitar), Jacob Lundgren (Guitar), Brennan Carter (Trumpet), Levi Gillis (Tenor Saxophone) and Evan Smith (Baritone Saxophone)

The Dip is an electrifying nine-piece soul band from Seattle, Washington. Featuring three members of Beat Connection, the band toes the line between crooning soul and hard-driving funk. Featuring crunchy lines from the Honeynut Horns, The Dip is a throwback groove that is sure to get you movin’.

Cover Art:

Artist: The Dip
Title of Album: The Dip
Release Date: April 14, 2015

1. Ain’t Necessary (The Prince) 03:27
2. Don’t Make Me Wait 03:42
3. Candice (In The Morning) 03:54
4. State Line 02:52 5. O. P. Jebediah 04:02
6. The Dip (Parts I & II) 02:07 7. Working Man 04:09
8. Tryin’ 02:58
9. Solstice 02:18
10. I’m Lonely 03:38
11. Ready To Go 03:05

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