Listen: Eric Matthews – Fried Out Broken Girl / Album ‘It’s Heavy in Here’

:: Loved that album!


To commemorate the 20th anniversary of Eric Matthew’s debut album “It’s Heavy In Here”, Lo-Fidelity Records is pleased to have partnered with SubPop Records and Eric Matthews to reissue the album in time for Record Store Day.  The album has been fully remastered in cooperation with Eric, and is being released in 3 color variations for Record Store Day.

The album comes with a download card featuring the album and 5 bonus tracks pulled directly from the archives of Mr. Matthews. This initial distribution will be in limited quantity (300 copies) and exclusive to Record Store Day participating record shops.

Visit for a list of shops near you.

An expanded release featuring CD and Vinyl will be released on February 26th, 2016, and be sold exclusively through Lo-Fidelity Records and SubPop.  The vinyl will be released in exclusive colors for Lo-Fidelity Records (Heavy Splatter,) and SubPop (White) and be limited to 100 of each color variation. [Press release]

Cover Art:
Eric Matthews

Artist: Eric Matthews
Title of Album: It’s Heavy in Here
Release Date: September 26, 1995
Label: Sub Pop

1 Fanfare
2 Forging Plastic Pain
3 Soul Nation Select Them
4 Faith To Clay
5 Angels For Crime
6 Fried Out Broken Girl
7 Lust Takes Time
8 Hop And Tickle
9 Three-Cornered Moon
10 Distant Mother Reality
11 Flight And Lion
12 Poisons Will Pass Me
13 Sincere Sensation
14 Fanfare

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