New Album: Fat Freddy’s Drop – Bays

:: Always unmistakably.


Introducing BAYS a 9 track boil up heralding a fresh chapter in Freddys fantastic voyages. BAYS opens with slow burn funk of ‘Wairunga Blues’ journeying through a hybrid of reggae, hi-tek soul and jazz with techno rhythms underpinning Freddy’s signature horns and Joe Dukie’s smooth & introspective vocals, ‘Slings And Arrows’, ’10 Feet Tall’, ‘Wheels’, ‘Razor’, ‘Makkan’, ‘Fish In The Sea’, ‘Cortina Motors’ and arriving finally on the crooked blues jam of ‘Novak’.

BAYS is named after our Wellington studio homebase, where the album was predominately written and recorded around beats, food, darts and a winter of content.

“It’s been a more creative process writing this album in the studio rather than recording songs which have been well road-tested” Joe Dukie said. [Press Release]

Cover Art:

Artist: Fat Freddy’s Drop
Title of Album: Bays
Release Date: October 23, 2015
Label: The Drop (Indigo)

01. Wairunga Blues
02. Slings & Arrows
03. 10 Feet Tall
04. Wheels
05. Razor
06. Makkan
07. Fish In The Sea
08. Cortina Motors
09. Novak

Upcoming Tour Dates:
Jan 23 // Black Barn Vineyards // Havelock North, New Zealand
Jan 24 // Luna Estate Winery // Martinborough, New Zealand
Jan 30 // Ascension Vineyard // Matakana, New Zealand
Jan 31 // Cable Bay Vineyards // Auckland, New Zealand
Feb 01 // Cable Bay Vineyards // Auckland, New Zealand
Feb 05 // Neudorf Vineyards // Nelson, New Zealand
Feb 07 // Peregrine Winery // Queenstown, New Zealand
>> The full touring schedule is available here.

Follow ‘Fat Freddy’s Drop’ on:
Official Website | Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud



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