New Album: Ost & Kjex – Freedom Wig (2015/11/13) / Track ‘Mosambique Travelplan’

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The end of October will see Norwegian duo Ost & Kjex release their third album called “Freedom Wig” on Diynamic. It is being accompanied by an international album release tour, which will bring their unique sound to a club near you. The duo will head out on the search for the best clubs and crowds and stop at world renowned venues such as Watergate (Berlin, DE), Indigo (Istanbul), Harry Klein (Munich, DE) and Culture Box (Copenhagen, DK), amongst many others.

5 years have passed since Ost & Kjex have released their last longplayer “Cajun Lunch”, and after lots of touring, working on their signature sound and making babies, it is time for a follow up. “Freedom Wig” is their latest instalment, a dark but warm 10-track fairy-tale. It resembles their sincere and adventurous perspective on the love of life in all its variations.

Inspired by Detroit Techno, 80’s Synth Pop, 90’s New York Garage, Southern Disco, New Wave or the early sounds of Panorama Bar with its no-peak-aesthetic a new creation is blazing a trail. Nevertheless “Freedom Wig” manages to hold the balance between Underground and Pop music; its catchy hook lines, unique vocals, but also sophisticated beat structures create a unique blend of the upbeat Electronica sound that we know to be Ost & Kjex. And not to forget, in a scene where a lot of artists are ever so serious, it is very refreshing to see the guys with a wink and a smile in their face, much to the appreciation of their long time followers.

The purest way to enjoy your dose of Ost & Kjex is during their mesmerizing live shows. The combination of their unique characters, the powerful live vocals and the signature Ost & Kjex sound make a mix so memorable, they just stick.

Why “Freedom Wig”, you ask? It can mean a lot of things. It could be a name for the room you escape into when you listen to music. It can be a metaphor for the sometimes false freedom we feel when we live our quite predictable and structured lives. Or it can simply be a party hat you put on.

And freedom is exactly what Ost & Kjex convey with this album. Being able to walk where ever you want to walk, say whatever it is you want to say and be whoever you are. Laugh when you feel like it. To be able experience life on your own terms. “Freedom Wig” is their invitation to you. [Press release by Diynamic Music]

Cover Art:
Ost & Kjex

Artist: Ost & Kjex
Title of Album: Freedom Wig
Release Date: November 13, 2015
Label: Diynamic Music

01. Honky Tonk
02. Le Mur De Pierre (feat. Anne Lise Frøkedal)
03. Für Gurrik
04. ChaChaCha (feat. Jaw)
05. Down River (feat. Hanne Kolstø)
06. Hush Hush
07. Queen Of Europe (feat. Anne Lise Frøkedal)
08. The Baker’s Daughter
09. Heart Of Gold
10. Easy (feat. Jens Carelius)


Upcoming Tour Dates:
28 // Harry Klein // Munich, Germany
Dec 04 // On & Off Club // Beirut, Lebanon
Dec 05 // Eden Beach Club // Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Dec 11 // Opium // Club Vilnius, Latvia
Dec 18 // X-Mas Concert (tba.) // Oslo, Norway
Dec 19 //Hive // Zurich, Switzerland

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