Debut Album: Lydmor & Bon Homme – Seven Dreams Of Fire (15/11/06) / Track ‘Things We Do For Love’

:: Such a beautiful match of voices…


Lydmor/BonHomme is the unification of two very different personas and well-established artists from the Nordic music scene.
On one hand there is the eccentric Bon Homme, who is mostly known as singer/bassist in legendary, Danish disco-kings WhoMadeWho, but also as a esteemed remix artist, who previously worked with acts such as Digitalism (DE), Hot Chip (UK), 2 Many DJ’s (BE), etc.

On the other there is the young singer and producer Lydmor, who has toured throughout most of the world both as a solo act and in collaboration with established acts such as Arsenal (BE), Alle Farben (DE) and so on.
Now Lydmor and Bon Homme have joined forces in a new project combining the very best of their respective qualities – a lethal concoction of pounding beats, captivating synths and hook-ridden melodies.

The two are also known for their outrageously intense live-sets, which only a few select audiences in their native Denmark have yet experienced – until now. Lydmor & BonHomme are ready with their next joined venture – their first album ‘Seven Dreams Of Fire’ and touring activities that will take the duo onto new heights!

Cover Art:
Lydmor & Bon Homme - Seven Dreams Of Fire

Artist: Lydmor und Bon Homme
Title of Album: Seven Dreams Of Fire
Release Date: November 06, 2015
Label: hfn music

1. Things We Do For Love
2. Trooper
3. Dream Of Fire
4. Go Fingers Go
5. Flash
6. Wired
7. Vanity
8. Trampoline
9. Tear Us Apart Again
10. Rain
11. Missed Out On Disco
12. Dream Of Fire Part 2
13. End

Upcoming Tour Dates:
Nov 27 // Bremen Teater // Indre By, Denmark
Dec 10 // Glimps Festival // Gent, Belgium
Dec 17 // Kiff // Aarau, Switzerland
Dec 18 // Oya // St. Gallen, Switzerland
Dec 19 // Queen Kong Club // Neuchatel, Switzerland

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