New Album: Gwilym Gold – A Paradise (2015/08/21) / Track ‘Unknown’

:: Love this guy’s music.


Three tracks from the album – Unknown, I Know I Know and Breathless – are streaming below, with accompanying visuals by artist Colin Henderson.

Much of A Paradise was composed by Gwilym alone at home at the piano, before he took the songs to co-producer and longtime collaborator Lexxx (Wild Beasts, Fatima Al Qadiri, Darkstar). The two then spent the best part of a year together in a small room in Konk Studios, London, toiling on this extended labour of love. There are also co-production contributions from James Young of Darkstar, True Panther artist Hyetal and Bullion, whilst four songs feature composer Nico Muhly’s verdant, dizzying string arrangements.

From being the man at the front of Golden Silvers, to inventing the still-ahead-of-its-time generative music format Bronze – with his remarkable seven-song suite Tender Metal – Gwilym is now ready to remove the mask with a record on which he finally defines himself as an artist. [Press-Release]

Cover Art:

Artist: Gwilym Gold
Title of Album: A Paradise
Release Date: August 21, 2015
Label: Brille Records

1 A Greener World
2 Breathless
3 Triumph
4 Breath Alone
5 Uninvited
6 Flex
7 Muscle
8 Unknown
9 Evergreen
10 I Know, I Know


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