New EP: Electric Wire Hustle – Aeons (2015/08/28) [Full Album Stream]

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One of New Zealand’s most beloved and critically-acclaimed musical exports, Electric Wire Hustle, return with the brand new ‘Aeons EP’. Featuring 5 brand new tracks, the EP further pushes the boundaries of electronic music, mixing in elements of hip-hop, soul, and psychedelia.

Electric Wire Hustle’s debut self-titled album garnered rave reviews worldwide, and their second full length, ‘Love Can Prevail’, saw the band nominated for the Taite Music Prize, one of New Zealand’s most prestigious musical awards.

While ‘Love Can Prevail’ documented the band’s new lives after relocating to Berlin, the ‘Aeons EP’ is a collection of short stories, brought to life by the unmistakable voice of Mara TK, and the progressive beats of Taay Ninh. The ‘Aeons EP’ also features guest vocal appearances from Deva Mahal and Grammy Award winner Kimbra.

The ‘Aeons EP’ shows yet another step in the evolution of Electric Wire Hustle, as they move closer to a sound which is not definable by simple genres, but only as ‘Electric Wire Hustle”. [Press Release]

Cover Art:
Electric Wire Hustle

Artist: Electric Wire Hustle
Title of EP: Aeons
Release Date: August 28, 2015
Label: Bastard Jazz Recordings / Loop Recordings Aot(ear)oa

1. Brother Sun ft. Kimbra 04:17
2. Golden Ladder 03:08
3. Desert Of The Real 04:42
4. March ft. Deva Mahal 04:46
5. Aeons 04:36
6. Brother Sun ft. Kimbra (Rodi Kirk & Aron Ottignon Version) 04:25

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