Month: August 2015

Listen: Febueder – Alligator

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The lineup: Kieran Godfrey (Vocals, Guitar, Ukulele, Cornet, Percussion), Harry Summersgill (Bass), Sam Keysell (Drums, Sampling)

Cover Art:

Artist: Febueder
Title of EP: Soap Carv
Release Date: November 25, 2013
Label: Tape Club Records

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Listen: Ben Pearce – What I Might Do (Kilter Remix)

:: This is such a great remix, never gets old!


Cover Art:
Ben Pearce

Artist: Ben Pearce
Title of Track: What I Might Do (Kilter Remix)
Release Date: December 29, 2014
Label: etcetc music

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New EP: Electric Wire Hustle – Aeons (2015/08/28) [Full Album Stream]

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One of New Zealand’s most beloved and critically-acclaimed musical exports, Electric Wire Hustle, return with the brand new ‘Aeons EP’. Featuring 5 brand new tracks, the EP further pushes the boundaries of electronic music, mixing in elements of hip-hop, soul, and psychedelia.

Electric Wire Hustle’s debut self-titled album garnered rave reviews worldwide, and their second full length, ‘Love Can Prevail’, saw the band nominated for the Taite Music Prize, one of New Zealand’s most prestigious musical awards.

While ‘Love Can Prevail’ documented the band’s new lives after relocating to Berlin, the ‘Aeons EP’ is a collection of short stories, brought to life by the unmistakable voice of Mara TK, and the progressive beats of Taay Ninh. The ‘Aeons EP’ also features guest vocal appearances from Deva Mahal and Grammy Award winner Kimbra.

The ‘Aeons EP’ shows yet another step in the evolution of Electric Wire Hustle, as they move closer to a sound which is not definable by simple genres, but only as ‘Electric Wire Hustle”. [Press Release]

Cover Art:
Electric Wire Hustle

Artist: Electric Wire Hustle
Title of EP: Aeons
Release Date: August 28, 2015
Label: Bastard Jazz Recordings / Loop Recordings Aot(ear)oa

1. Brother Sun ft. Kimbra 04:17
2. Golden Ladder 03:08
3. Desert Of The Real 04:42
4. March ft. Deva Mahal 04:46
5. Aeons 04:36
6. Brother Sun ft. Kimbra (Rodi Kirk & Aron Ottignon Version) 04:25

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Debut Album: Floating Points – Elaenia (2015/11/06) / Track ‘Silhouettes’ [Official Video]

:: Such a tune can’t wait for the album!


Cover Art:
Floating Points - Elaenia

Artist: Floating Points
Title of Debut Album: Elaenia
Release Date: November 6, 2015
Label: Pluto

01. Nespole
02. Silhouettes (I, II & III)
03. Elaenia
04. Argenté
05. Thin Air
06. For Marmish
07. Peroration Six

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New Album: Owiny Sigma Band – Nyanza (2015/08/28) / Track ‘I Made You / You Made Me’

:: I would dance to this all night.


The lineup: Joseph Nyamungo (Vox & Nyatiti), Charles Okoko (Nyidoungue drums), Jesse Hackett (Vox & keys), Louis Hackett (Bass) and Tom Skinner (Drums)

This unique band (pronounced: oh-wee-nee si-go-mah) is made up of 3 Londoners:
brothers Louis and Jesse Hackett, and their school friend Tom Skinner and 2 gentleman from Kenya, Joseph Nyamungu and Charles Owoko, both masters of traditional Luo instruments, the Nyatiti and the Nyidoungue Drums respectively.

The 28th of August will bring the release of their 3rd album ’Nyanza’, for which the group were invited to the Nyanza Province of Western Kenya, the Birthplace of Luo music, and homeland of Joseph and Charles, to record and craft the record closely with the roots of Owiny.

The creative process of the Owiny Sigoma Band in the past has been crucially intwined by localities, memories and stories, as well as an element of spontaneity from their jam sessions. ‘I Made You / You Made Me’ sung by Jesse is a track inspired by the birth of his daughter. Stirred by hearing “purely happy” African popular music on the radio and taking early morning walks with gospel emanating from the churches Jesse challenged himself to write a joyous pop song. This track beautifully reflects the ambience and energy of the environments in which it was made, and as well as Owiny Sigoma Band’s raw and organic collaborative process. [Press release]

Cover Art:
I Made You You Made Me - Owiny Sigoma Band

Artist: Owiny Sigma Band
Title of Album: Nyanza
Release Date: August 28, 2015
Label: Brownswood Recordings

1 (Nairobi) Too Hot
2 Luo Land
3 Owour Won Gembe
4 I Made You / You Made Me
5 Fisherman’s Camp, Pt. 1
6 Ojoni Wopio
7 Nyanza Night
8 Tech 9
9 Deep Kisumu Fish
10 Changaa Attack
11 Jah Mic
12 Amolo Tienga

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Listen: George FitzGerald – Full Circle feat. Boxed In (Bonobo Remix)

:: Love. Love. Love.


Cover Art:
George FitzGerald

Artist: George FitzGerald
Title: Full Circle
Release Date: August 20, 2015
Label: Domino Recording

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Debut Single: Olafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm – Life Story Love and Glory (2015/08/21)

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The linup: Ólafur Arnalds and Nils Frahm

Erased Tapes artists and friends Ólafur Arnalds and Nils Frahm have separately carved out a musical career that defies genres both with their unique live shows and a loyal fan base that’s always eager to hear what their prolific output will bring.

Their latest collaborative 2-track release ‘Life Story Love and Glory’ is a live improv affair on two pianos, recorded in 2012 at Nils’s Durton Studio in Berlin. Fans may wonder why they have waited until 2015 to release these tracks, but having revealed a new website you may think this may not be the end to their musical story this year.

“We would meet in Reykjavik or Berlin with the intention to share some days off work, hiking, swimming or eating pizza. That is great for a couple days, but after a while we would always end up back in the studio, fiddling with synths or pianos.” – Nils Frahm

“You can hear in the beginning of ‘Life Story’ how I have already started playing the piano whilst Nils is still moving microphones around and preparing everything. It was all kept in!“ – Ólafur Arnalds

‘Life Story Love and Glory’ will be released as a 7” on Erased Tapes – exclusively through record stores only on August 21, 2015 ahead of its digital release later on – as an ode to this classic and beloved format.

About the Artwork:
The packaging design on heavy-weight brown card was crafted by Torsten Posselt at FELD, Berlin.

About Ólafur Arnalds:
Ólafur Arnalds is a BAFTA-winning multi-instrumentalist and producer from Iceland. Ólafur is known for his unique mix of strings, piano with loops and edgy beats crossing-over from ambient/electronic to pop. Ólafur was a drummer of hardcore metal bands Fighting Shit and Celestine, as well as others. In 2014 Ólafur announced his electronic debut album under the Kiasmos project with Bloodgroup front man Janus Rasmussen to much acclaim.

About Nils Frahm:
Nils Frahm works as an accomplished composer and producer in Berlin. His unconventional approach to an age-old instrument, played contemplatively and intimately, has won him many fans around the world. For a musician this early in his career, Frahm displays an incredibly developed sense of control and restraint in his work, catching the ear of many fans.

‘This is a dream pairing for you neo classical types. The Laurel & Hardy of all things neo classical come together for a very special limited release just for record stores’ – Norman Records [Press release]

Cover Art:
Life Story, Love & Glory

Artist: Olafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm
Title of Single: Life Story Love and Glory
Release Date: August 21, 2015
Label: Erased Tapes Records

01 Life Story
02 Love and Glory

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