New Album: Nicolas Jaar – Pomegranates (2015/02/22) [Free Download]

:: A late night gift by Nicolas Jaar


Free download of the LP version of the soundtrack.

Nicolas Jaar writes:

At the beginning of 2015 my friend Milo heard some of these songs and told me about the film. I watched it and was dumbfounded. I felt the aesthetic made complete sense with the strange themes I had been obsessed with over the past couple of years..I was curious to see what my songs sounded like when synced with the images, which turned into a 2-day bender where I soundtracked the entire film, creating a weird collage of the ambient music I had made over the last 2 years.

The film gave me a structure to follow and themes to stick to.It gave clarity to this music that was made mostly out of and through chaos. It also gave me the balls to put it out… I wanted to do some screenings but the guy who owns the rights to the film only wants the original version of the movie out there. I can’t blame him, I’m sure Paradjanov wouldn’t want some kid in NY pissing all over his masterpiece and calling it a soundtrack! I’ve listened to it a couple of times without watching the movie and I think it stands on its own. Or at least I hope it can!

Cover Art:
Pomegranates - Nicolas Jaar

Artist: Nicolas Jaar
Title of Album: Pomegranates
Release Date: February 22, 2015

01. Garden of Eden
02. Construction
03. Pass the Time
04. Survival
05. The Fool and His Harem
06. Being and Nothingness
07. Near Death
08. Beasts of This Earth
09. Fall Into Time
10. Folie à Deux
11. Screams at the Edge of Dawn
12. Divorce
13. Three Windows
14. Touristas
15. Shame
16. Tower of Sin
17. Kapital
18. Volver
19. Spirit
20. Muse

Upcoming Tour Dates:
Aug 20 // U Street Music Hall // Washington, DC, US
Aug 21 // CODA // Toronto, ON, Canada
Aug 22 – 23 // FYF Festival 2015, Exposition Park // Los Angeles, CA, US
Sep 05 // Parque Eduardo Vii, Lisboa // Lisbon, Portugal
Sep 17 – 20 // Symbiosis Gathering 2015 // Oakdale, CA, US
Nov 04 – 08 // Club To Club Festival C2C15 2015 // Turin, Italy

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