New Album: Allie – Allie (2015/06/19) / First Single ‘This Is How I Go’ [Official Video]

:: The song-whisperer from Berlin.


Cover Art:

Artist: Allie
Title of Album: Allie
Release Date: June 19, 2015
Label: Motor/RaR

1 Explicit Wtf4 (feat. Black Cracker)
2 Y/N
3 The Great (feat. Nuño)
4 Princes Jan
5 Mamase
6 This Is How I Go
7 Emo on a Beach
8 The One
9 No No No No
10 “Needle In The Hay” (feat. Nuño & Houaïda)
11 You’re Just an Alien

Upcoming Tour Dates:
Jun 17 // Antje Öklesund //Berlin, Germany (Release Party)
Jun 18 // Sommer am U // Dortmund, Germany
Jun 19 // Kassette // Düsseldorf, Germany
Jun 26 // Horns Erben // Leipzig, Germany

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Facebook | Bandcamp



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