New Music: Blood Orange – 46 minutes of unreleased music

:: Devonté Hynes has just shared 46 minutes of unreleased music… 


Devonté Hynes wrote on Twitter: “I spent the last few months working on a film score, then I got fired. No hard feelings. Here’s some of the music.

Music created with : Cello, Piano, Synthesizers, Percussion, Drum Machines, Flute, Bass, Guitar, EWI, Yamaha wx7, Juno 160, DX7, Marantz PMD 720 4-Track.

All music written, performed & produced by Devonté Hynes.

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More ‘Blood Orange’ on Music Pickings:
2015, Apr 29 – New Track: Delancey 
2013, Nov 24 – New Album: Cupid Deluxe (2013/11/12)




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