New EP: WhoMadeWho – Ember (2015/05/18) / First Track ‘Ember’

:: I just shut my office door to turn this up.


For the ‘Ember’ EP, their latest foray into the world of machine music and dreamy soundscapes, the band has stayed true to their pop tendencies while spinning things around and taking a trip right back to their roots. Band member Tomas Barfod – who also produced the release – mentions:

“After many years of emphasizing ‘the song’ more and more, we felt like just playing around with our instruments, like when we recorded our first album (…) it was like renewing our band-wedding vows; we found our way back to our fun and free approach of making music together”.

“Fun” and „free” might very well be two of the best ways to describe this seven-track creation that skews as much pop as it does surf-rock and slow, meaningful dance music. Beachy guitar licks, ethereal crooning and enough distinct flavor to set each track apart from the rest, in the dreamy puzzle that is the Ember EP. [Press release by]

Cover Art:

Artist: WhoMadeWho
Title of EP: Ember
Release Date: May 18, 2015
Label: Get Physical

01. Birds  02:45
02. There’s A Way  05:50
03. Need  05:45
04. Yes  04:47
05. Ember  04:26
06. Subliminal  04:55

Upcoming Tour Dates:
Jun 20 // Neuhausen // Southside Festival
Jun 21 // Scheeßel // Hurricane Festival
Jul 25 // Dortmund // Juicy Beats Festival
Jul 31 // Elend bei Sorge // Rocken am Brocken Festival
Jul 07 // Saalburg // SonneMondSterne Festival
Aug 15 // Moosburg // Utopia Festival
Aug 21 // Grabenstätt // Chiemsee Summer

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Official Website | Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud


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