Listen: Maribou State – The Clown / Debut Album ‘Portraits’ (2015/06/01)

:: This is really amazing!


The UK duo have given us an exclusive track ahead of the release of debut LP Portraits, set to arrive on Counter Records on Just 1st.

‘The Clown’ is an elegiac, Koze like number that slinks super sadly.

Cover Art:

Artist: Maribou State
Title of Debut Album: Portraits
Release Date: June 01, 2015
Label: Counter Records

1. Home
2. The Clown (featuring Pedestrian)
3. Rituals
4. Steal (featuring Holly Walker)
5. Wallflower
6. Say More (featuring Jono McCleery)
7. Raincoats
8. Midas (featuring Holly Walker)
9. Natural Fools
10. Varkala

Upcoming Tour Dates:

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