Debut Album: Black Atlass – Jade (2015/04/01) [Full Album Stream + Free Download]

:: Wow. Amazing songs most suitable for a nighttime listen.


Jade was self-released on April 01, 2015. The best thing is, you can download the entire album completely for free from Black Atlass’ website. Following several EP’s and singles, it’s the first full-length release by the Montreal r&b recording artist Alex Fleming aka Black Atlass. The digital release will be followed by a physical deluxe version soon.

As of today, the album is streaming in its entirety below (via Soundcloud). Take a listen and enjoy! All songs are written, recorded, produced and engineered by Alexander Fleming. The video clip Black Atlass used for the album announcement is directed by Cameron Morse – watch and listen below.

And here’s what Black Atlass says of his new album: “Jade is the story of finding love and uncovering a hidden beauty in the universe. In order for the message of this project to remain purely authentic, I wanted to share it wth my fans for free and have it influence their lives in a way similar to how we’re influenced by the natural beauty of the world. Our generation is taking part in a cultural movement of returning art back to an accessible part of life and truly making it something everyone can be involved in. Let’s use our creative power to define our generation and inspire the world.

Cover Art:
Black Atlass - Jade (2015)

01. Temple
02. No Infinity
03. Young West Coast
04. My Body
05. Blonde
06. Summertime (Interlude)
07. Nights Like This
08. Geneviève
09. Forever
10. Valentine

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