New Album: Nils Frahm – Solo (2015/05/29) [Free Download] / Track ‘Wall’

:: Amazing!


Download it for free here and listen to ‘Wall’ above.

Nils on the record: My new record – solo – was recorded on the prototype of the instrument under discussion. Although being a slightly smaller version with 3.7 meters in height, the Klavins M370  is already tremendous and gigantic sounding. But listen for yourself and see if the sound is worth the effort. I have, of course, no doubt it is. If you also feel that the world is in need for an instrument like this, please feel free to donate by buying the record or by donating online. It is much appreciated and everyone who donates or signs up to the newsletter will receive infrequent updates on the building of this unique instrument. Now I have two years to organise a room to place it in and make it accessible to as many ears and hands as possible …

Cover Art:

Artist: Nils Frahm
Title of album: Solo
Release date: May 29, 2015
Label: Erased Tapes

1 Ode
2 Some
3 Circling
4 Merry
5 Chant
6 Wall
7 Immerse!
8 Four Hands

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