New Album: William Fitzsimmons – Pittsburgh (2015/05/15) / Summer Tour 2015

:: This is good news.


William on the record: ‘My grandmother, Virginia, died October 15, 2014. She was born and raised in the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The city of my youth. She gave the gift of music to my mother, and, from my mother, was thus passed to me. In that same month I returned home for three days to celebrate Virginia’s life, mourn her passing, and help to lay her body to rest. These seven songs were born from those three days and are in memoriam to her passing and in remembrance of the city we shared. She will be perpetually missed. Until the day we meet again.’

Cover Art:

Artist: William Fitzsimmons
Title of album: Pittsburgh
Release date: May 15, 2015
Label: Grönland Records

1 I Had to Carry Her (Virginias Song)
2 Falling on My Sword
3 Better
4 Pittsburgh
5 Beacon
6 Matter
7 Ghosts of Penn Hills

Upcoming Tour Dates:
Jun 26 // The Halfway Festval // Bialystok, Poland
Jul 16 // Colours of Ostrava // Ostrava, Czech Republic
Jul 31 // Parkbuhne GeyserHaus // Leipzig, Germany
Aug 5 // A Summer’s Tale // Luhmuhlen, Germany
Aug 21 // Frequency Festival // Sankt Polten, Austria
>> The full touring schedule is available here

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