New Album: Sam Lee & Friends – The Fade In Time (2015/03/16) / New Single ‘Blackbird’ [Official Video]

:: Absolutely loving this!

London-based Sam Lee & Friends are folk troubadour Sam Lee [vocals/Jews harp/shruti box] together with: Francesca Terberg [cello], Jonah Brody [Japanese Koto (harp)/ukelele], Steve Chadwick [trumpet], Josh Green [percussion] and Flora Curzon [violin]. The much-noticed debut A Ground Of Its Own (2012) of Lee – Mercury Prize nominated folk singer, song collector, promoter (of BBC award winning Nest Collective) radio host, TV personality, teacher and animateur – was followed by last year’s EP More Fore To Rise which saw him first appearing as Sam Lee & Friends. Now, it’s finally time for his much anticipated sophomore album: The Fade In Time is out now.

The Fade In Time dropped officially in the UK/Europe yesterday (March 16, 2015) via The Nest Collective Records. Funded by a Pledge Music campaign and produced by Arthur Jeffes, the set of twelve tracks is available as download and audio CD. You can buy digitally from iTunes or order your physical copy of The Fade In Time from Amazon.

The official video for incredible lead single Blackbird is directed by Michael Smythe with photography by Sebastian Cort – watch it above. From today, Sam Lee & Friends are playing four album release shows in clerical buildings during his Temples tour of London and he’ll continue touring the UK and Ireland afterwards in April/May. In second half of July, Sam Lee & Friends are playing a string of ten Noerth American shows. Check out the upcoming dates below and watch the video of a live album recording session with the Roundhouse Choir of the album track Lovely Molly.

Cover Art:
Sam Lee & Friends - The Fade In Time (2015)

01. Jonny O’the Brine
02. Bonny Bunch of Roses
03. Blackbird
04. Lord Gregory
05. Over Yonders Hill
06. Moorlough Maggie
07. Phoenix Island
08. The Moon Shone On My Bed Last Night
09. Willie O
10. Airdog
11. Lovely Molly
12. The Moss House

Upcoming Tour Dates:
Tue 17 Mar 2015 // London, UK // St Mark’s Church Hall
Wed 18th Mar 2015 // London, UK // St Pancras Old Church
Thu 19th Mar 2015 // London, UK // Sandy’s Row Synagogue
Fri 20th Mar 2015 // London, UK // Westminster Quaker Meeting House
Wed 25 Mar 2015 // Salford, UK // Radio 2 Folk Show
Sat 28 Mar 2015 // Brighton, UK // Brighton Corn Exchange
>> The full touring schedule is available here.

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