New Single: Our Man In Berlin – Molière (2015/03/03)

:: electronic greatness!


Perth-based electronic pop outfit released its fantastic debut EP is it right? about a year ago and it looks like Haydn Mansell [vox], Trevor Shotam [guitars], Justin Martins [keys], Rory Marino [hits & clicks] and Dan Hawtin [sounds] are working hard on the follow-up. A few weeks ago, the band released their new single Molière – take a listen above.

Molière was self-released on February 16, 2015. The track is available as digital single from iTunes. It’s the first trach taken from the outfit’s upcoming sophomore EP Spirit Down which is supposed to follow later this year.

Cover Art:
Our Man In Berlin - Molière (2015)

Upcoming Tour Dates:
Sat 14 Mar 2015 // Perth, Australia // Jimmy’s Den

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