Debut Single: Dralms – Crushed Pleats [Official Video] (2015/03/09)

:: Absolutely great.


Dralms is the latest project by Christopher Smith, featuring long time collaborators Shaunn Watt (drums, Siskiyou), William Kendrick (synths/keys, Failing) and Peter Carruthers (bass, Siskiyou). The Vancouver-based quartet released its debut single Crushed Pleats in North America already last September, and now it’s finally available in Europe too.

Crushed Pleats is released together with b-side track Divisions of Labour in the UK/Europe today (March 09, 2015) via Full Time Hobby. The single is available as digital download and 7″ vinyl single. Buy/order your copy directly from Full Time Hobby or buy the digital single from iTunes.

The music video for Crushed Pleats is directed and edited by Ewan Jones Morris – watch/listen above. Dralms is currently working on a full-length album at Afterlife Studios in Vancouver, BC with producer/engineer John Raham, keep your eyes peeled for news.

Cover Art:
Dralms - Crushed Pleats (2015)

01. Crushed Pleats
02. Divisions of Labour

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