Debut Single: Oscar – Daffodil Days (2015/03/02)

:: So so fabulous!


Freshly signed to Wichita Recordings, London-based indie-popper Oscar Scheller has released his debut single Daffodil Days this week and it’s absolutely lovely – take a listen above.

Daffodil Days dropped in The UK/Europe on March 02, 2015 via Wichita. The release includes the b-side track Caramel Brown and is available as digital download on iTunes. North America sees digital release on March 10. Physical release on 7″ vinyl follows on March 23 – pre-order your copy here.

Talking to The Fader, Oscar explained the origins of the track: “It all started out on one of those dark winter evenings, when everything felt wrong. I was having a pretty bad day and as I was texting a friend, the word ‘difficult’ turned to ‘daffodil’ by a stroke of autocorrect genius. It really made me laugh and somehow made a lot of a sense. The song represents that day for me. The melancholy in knowing that it won’t work but that there is always hope and future, of the Daffodil Days ahead. Something which is easily forgotten.”

Cover Art:
Oscar - Daffodil Days (2015)

01. Daffodil Days
02. Caramel Brown

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