New Album: Patrick Watson – Love Songs For Robots (2015/05/12)

:: Such a great track!


“I started thinking about things in a very mechanical way. I found it interesting how we would use our senses to come up with an emotional reaction. As I get older you get to know yourself better and I realized that a lot of my emotional reactions were mechanical responses and that was hugely influential. I didn’t want to be a robot. But the reason why we are superior to computers is that we have emotions and I realized that emotions are mechanical so the only thing left between us and robots is curiosity and inspiration – and I don’t think you can program that into a computer.”

Cover Art:

Artist: Patrick Watson
Title of album: Love Songs For Robots
Release date: May 12, 2015
Label: Domino and Secret City Records

01. Love Songs for Robots
02. Good Morning Mr. Wolf
03. Bollywood
04. Hearts
05. Grace
06. In Circles
07. Turn Into the Noise
08. Alone in This World
09. Know That You Know
10. Places You Will Go

Upcoming Tour Dates:
May 08 // Melkweg Oude Zaal // Amsterdam, Netherlands
May 11 // Bush Hall // London, UK
May 27 // 9:30 Club // Washington, DC, US
May 28 // Music Hall of Williamsburg // Brooklyn, NY, US
May 30 // The Sinclair // Cambridge, MA, US

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