New: Fort Romeau & New Jackson – Not A Word (2015/02/12)

:: The perfectly right Sunday grooves.


Not A Word was unveiled on February 12, 2015 via Soundcloud – take a listen above. The newest track by UK electronic artists Mike Norris, better known by his Fort Romeau moniker, is a collaboration with Irish house producer D. Kitt bka New Jackson. Not A Word will appear on Fort Romeau’s second full-length Insides which is scheduled for release this spring.

Insides drops officially in North America on March 31, 2015 via Ghostly International. UK and Europe see release on March 30, Germany already on march 27. The LP of eight tracks will be available as digital download, CD and 12″ vinyl LP. You can pre-order digitally from iTunes or physically from the Ghostly Store.

Cover Art:
Fort Romeau - Insides (2015)

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