New Single: Du Tonc – Every Song (2015/01/20)

:: I thinks it’s about time for an album, guys.


Du Tonc is an indie-dance act consisting of Matt Van Schie of Van She fame and London producer Mighty Mouse. The Hype Machine’s One To Watch 2014 returned with their fifth single Every Song a few weeks ago – take a listen above.

Every Song was released on January 20, 2015 via Eskimo Recordings. The track is available to buy as digital single from iTunes or Beatport.

In a label press release, Du Tonc said of their new single:“This was a labour of love, we kept coming back to it, leaving it, coming back to it for a year. But despite this we never got tired of listening to it, that’s when we realised it was something special to us and had a timeless feeling to it. It’s full of emotion and power.”

Cover Art (Artwork by Gustavo Torres):
Du Tonc - Every Song (2015)

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