New: Great Lake Swimmers – Zero In The City (2015/02/03)

:: Simply wonderful.


Great Lake Swimmers are Tony Dekker [vocals/acoustic guitar], Erik Arnesen [banjo/electric guitar], Miranda Mulholland [backing vocals/violin], Bret Higgins [upright bass] and Joshua Van Tassel [drums] from Toronto, Ontario. The indie-folk quintet will release their sixth studio album A Forest Of Arms in spring and with Zero In The City, you can now listen to the first single from the upcoming LP.

Zero In The City was unveiled on February 03, 2014 via Songs You Need To Hear on CBC Music – take a listen above. On their Soundcloud, Tony Dekker comments on the song: “Zero In The City” takes a reading of internal and external weathers, and lands somewhere in the place where those psychic and physical landscapes overlap.

A Forest Of Arms drops officially on April 21, 2015 via Nettwerk Records. Watch out pre-order links soon.

Cover Art:
Great Lake Swimmers - Zero In The City (2015)

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