Cub & Wolf – What Went Wrong / Debut Album ‘Cub & Wolf’ (2015/01/16) [Full Album Stream]

:: Great track, wonderful album. Growing with every listen.

Cub & Wolf are Mattias Larsson and Linus Lindvall from Malmö, Sweden. You might know Larsson as singer and guitarist of Swedish rock outfit Grant Creon, Lindvall sings and plays guitar in the folk-rock band Golden Kanine. Both joined musical forces as Cub & Wolf for a more acoustic, stripped-back sound after having each collaborated on the others band record. (But caution, do not mix them up with Australian electronic poppers Wolf & Cub…)

The duo’s eponymous debut album was released in Europe on January 16, 2015 via Stargazer Records. The LP of nine tracks is available as digital download and 12″ vinyl LP, you can buy/order your copy of Cub & Wolf both digitally and physically from the Stargazer Records Bandcamp.

What Went Wrong is my favourite track from Cub & Wolf – take a listen above. The album is streaming in its entirety below (via Bandcamp).

Cover Art:
Cub & Wolf - Cub & Wolf (2015)

01. Be Gone My Friends
02. Time To Mourn At Last
03. Clues
04. Standing Tall While Falling Down
05. Where The Two Of Us Fall In Love
06. Part You Part Me
07. River of Blood
08. What Went Wrong
09. What We Lost In The Fire


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