Jesse Marchant – Adrift [Official Video] / New Album ‘Jesse Marchant’ (2014/09/09) [Full Album Stream]

:: Totally addicted to this song and the entire LP! Beautiful, quiet and thoughtful songs.

Jesse Marchant is a Canadian singer/songwriter based in New York City. Having released two albums under his former stage name JBM for Partisan Records, Marchant decided to continue his musical career under his birth name. Three months ago, he released his self-titled third album over which I stumbled just a few days ago, but I cannot let go of it ever since.

Jesse Marchant was released internationally on September 09, 2014 via Marchant’s own No Other label. The album is available as digital download, CD and 180 g 12″ black vinyl LP (including high-quality mp3 download). You can buy the digital album from iTunes or order your physical copy from Insound.

Adrift is my favourite song off the album. It’s also the third part in a music video trilogy released over the past two weeks. Directed by Houmam, the three clips are telling an interrelated story and are starring actors Christopher Abbott and Amanda Seyfried as well as Marchant himself. Watch the Adrift video above and check out out the previous clips for Words Underlined (Part 1) and Every Eye Open (Part 2) below.

The entire album is streaming via Jesse Marchant’s Soundcloud.

Cover Art:
Jesse Marchant - Jesse Marchant (2014)

01. Words Underlined
02. All Your Promise
03. The Whip
04. Every Eye Open
05. Reminders, Defeats
06. In the Sand / Amelia
07. Snow Chicago
08. The Road Is Dark & Snowed
09. Adrift
10. Stay On Your Knees
11. Lines On Shore

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