New: Tessera Skies – Droplet [Lanterns On The Lake Remix]

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The original version of Droplet was released on December 01, 2014 via recently founded Mono Records as a 12″ vinyl split single release together with Ajimal’s new single Nothing Touches Me. The release includes remixes of Droplet by Dutch Uncles and of Nothing Touches Me by shArds . You can buy the release or single tracks off it digitally from iTunes or order the 18o g vinyl single here. Droplet was recorded in June at London’s Air Studios together with producer Guy Massey. The music video vor the song as well as the artwork is created by Jonathan Hamilton – watch and listen below.

Droplet was also remixed by fellow Newcastle band Lanterns On The Lake. Their gorgeous reinterpretation of the original unfortunately did not make on Mono’s debut release, but it’s streaming above (via Soundcloud). On occasion of the remix premiere over at The Line Of Best Fit two weeks ago, Lanterns On The Lake guitarist Paul Gregory said of their version:

Tessera Skies are a band I’ve been a fan of for some time, so it was a joy to be asked to remix “Droplet”. The song is a real leap for them. They basically said ‘do whatever you like’. […] The approach was to reinterpret what the song was saying musically, but keep the song intact, so you could still sing it, to focus in on the lyrics. That’s what I went for with “Droplet”. It’s a wonderful song, full of heart and honesty and it’s a big sounding epic tune. I felt it had a dark side lurking, so that’s where it went.

Cover Art:
Tessera Skies - Droplet (2014)


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