New Single: Ajimal – Nothing Touches Me (2014/12/01) [Official Video]

:: Magic. Pure magic.

Newcastle singer/songwriter Fran O’Hanlon aka Ajimal is currently readying his full-length debut Childhood which is set for release on January 10, 2015. A few days ago, Ajimal has released Nothing Touches Me, the truly beautiful first single from Childhood.

Nothing Touches Me was released on December 01, 2014 via Mono Records as a 12″ vinyl split single release together with Droplet by Tessera Skies. The release includes remixes of Nothing Touches Me by shArds and of Droplet by Dutch Uncles. You can buy the release or single tracks off it digitally from iTunes or order the 18o g vinyl single here.

The official video for Nothing Touches Me is self-directed by Fran O’Hanlon and was photographed & edited by Dee Chaneva, check it out above. The original song is written by Fran O’Hanlon and co-produced by him with Mick Ross.

On his Soundcloud, Ajimal comments on the song: “Nothing Touches Me is about the idea of ‘self’ and the inability to imagine anything outside one’s own sphere of existence. There is a developmental stage prior to which when a person leaves the room, they are perceived to vanish. It was written after visiting some places I used to know in my day-to-day and seeing how things had changed. Even as an adult, I had been unable to imagine life continuing in that place – obviously everything and everyone in the world is constantly moving, but it’s beyond my capacity to imagine or understand it. It’s about fearlessness and inability to imagine death. It’s also about repetition, and the fact that everything that we do, or that future generations do, has arguably been done before – and how to come to terms with this.

The shArds Remix of Nothing Touches Me is absolutely brilliant if you ask me, check it out below. Droplet by Tessera Skies is also very much worth a listen, it’s streaming on Soundcloud.

Cover Art:
Ajimal - Nothing Touches Me (2014)

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