Debut EP: Whilk & Misky – The First Sip (2014/10/13) / New Track ‘Love Lost’ [Official Video]

:: Nothing but fabulous!

London duo Whilk & Misky have been unveiling track after track from their debut EP The First Sip over the past two months. Love Lost, the last track of the EP, was shared about a week ago, so that we can now listen to the entire debut EP by Whilk & Misky.

The First Sip was released on October 13, 2014 via Islands Records/Universal Music. The EP is available as digital download only, you can buy your copy from iTunes.

All four tracks and their accompanying videos are streaming in the YouTube playlist above, check out The First Sip as a whole. You can also take a listen over at Spotify. The fabulous, previously shared EP opening track Clap Your Hands is still available for free download here in return for your email.

Cover Art:
Whilk & Misky - The First Sip (2014)

01. Clap Your Hands
02. Darklands
03. Babe I’m Yours
04. Love Lost

Upcoming Live Dates:
Thu 29 Jan 2015 // London, UK // XOYO

Follow ‘Whilk & Misky’ on:
Official Website | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Youtube | Instagram


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2014, Aug 10 − New: Clap Your Hands [Free Download]


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