New Track: Party Supplies – The Light In The Addict (ft. Action Bronson and Black Atlass)

:: A reeeeeeeeeeally nice follow up of their collaboration on the acclaimed Blue Chips mixtapes!


Party Supplies burst out of the gate swinging with the one-two punch of debut album Tough Love and the beloved mixtapes, establishing a signature sound that mixes woozy classic rock chops with head-nodding MPC hip-hop like none other. They ride that vibe even further into the sunset on jammy new song “The Light In The Addict,” featuring guest vocals from collaborator Action Bronson and PS’ Fool’s Gold label mate Black Atlass.

The lineup: Justin Nealis and Sean Mahon

Cover Art:

Artist: Party Supplies (ft. Action Bronson and Black Atlass)
Title of Track: The Light In The Addict
Release Date: October 09, 2014

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