Debut EP: Halcyon Drive – Cruel Kids (2014/11/21) [Full EP Stream] / New Track ‘Cruesoe’

:: Fantastic debut release by Halcyon Drive!


Back in July, I posted Apart – a marvellous, quiet song by Melbourne duo Halcyon Drive. It wasn’t officially released but only available for streaming online, and I promised to update my post when it becomes available. Now. Halcyon Drive have released Apart together with four new songs in their debut EP Cruel Kids and you can also listen to the whole thing!

Cruel Kids dropped officially on November 21, 2014 as self-release. You can buy the EP in all possible digital formats from Halcyon Drive’s Bandcamp.

Take a listen to the entire EP above (via Bandcamp). All songs are written byMichael Oechsle and Max Pamieta of Halcyon Drive. Cruel Kids is produced, recorded and mixed by Steven Schram, the EP was recorded at Soundpark Studios in Northcote, Australia.

Cover Art:
Halcyon Drive - Cruel Kids EP (2014)

01. Crusoe
02. Blisters
03. Whitewash
04. Thieves
05. Apart

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