Varick – We All Know the Rest / Debut EP ‘Boundless’ (2014/11/04) [Full EP Stream]

:: This song is nothing but epic!


Keith Varick is an alternative electro solo artist based in New York who simply goes by his last name on stage. Following his debut single Boundless released last May, he has now put out his debut EP of the same title.

Boundless was self-released digitally on November 04, 2014. You can buy the EP in any possible digital format from Varick’s Bandcamp.

We All Know The Rest is the highly addictive second single from Boundless, listen above. The entire EP is streaming below (via Bandcamp). The set of four tracks is written and co-produced by Keith Varick and was produced, recorded and mixed by David Sisko of Disco Pusher.

Cover Art:
Varick - Boundless EP (2014)

01. It Will Be Done
02. Boundless (Remastered)
03. We’re Animals
04. We All Know The Rest


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