New Album: Recondite – Iffy (2014/11/10) / New Single ‘Levo’ [Official Video]

:: An entire album of electronic brilliance!

Berlin-based electronic producer Lorenz Brunner, better known by his Recondite moniker, has released on various labels since his debut in 2011. Now Recondite has returned with his second release for Innervisions, the Berlin-based label of dj’s/producers Dixon and Âme. Entitled Iffy, it’s the third full-length by Recondite – following last year’s Hinterland (Ghostly International) and 2012’s On Acid (Absurd Recordings).

Iffy was pre-released as digital download on October 27, 2014 via Innervisions exclusively on Beatport. Official release followed on November 10. The album is available as download from iTunes or as CD from Juno Records / Decks. Iffy on 12″ vinyl is exclusively available while stocks last from Innervisions / Muting The Noise.

Levo is the current single and my favourite track from Iffy. The official video for the track – self-directed by Recondite and also comprising him as only actor – was shot at Brunners Bavarian native region, the Alpine foothills. The club edit of Levo was released as single together with the 12″ version of the album track Garbo as 12″ single on October 27, 2014 via Innervisions exclusively on Beatport and Muting The Noise. Record store and digital release date worldwide also followed on November 10.

Watch the Levo video above and take a listen to the album track Konter below.

Cover Art:
Recondite - Iffy (2014)

01. Baro
02. Levo
03. Tame
04. Garbo
05. Buteo
06. Duolo
07. Konter
08. Steady
09. Glint
10. Jim Jams


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