New EP: Tin Sparrow – Shoelace Ring (2014/11/07) [Full EP Stream]

:: Very nice guys!


Sydney’s folk-pop threesome Tin Sparrow have quietly released their new EP Shoelace Ring. It’s the follow up to 2012’s Fair & Verdant Woods EP and The Beast single of the same year.

Shoelace Ring was released on November 07, 2014 via Tin Sparrow Recordings. The set of five tracks is available as digital download from iTunes. Tin Sparrow’s third EP features previous single Echoes In The Dark as well as four entirely new tracks.

The entire EP is streaming in the player above (via Spotify). My favourite tracks are Grass Stained Volleys and True, but take a listen to the whole thing! True is also streaming below.

Cover Art:
Tin Sparrow - Shoelace Ring EP (2014)

01. On and On
02. Echoes in the Dark
03. Grass Stained Volleys
04. True
05. Heart Slowly Dies


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