New Single: LoneLady – Groove It Out (2014/11/17)

:: As the title says: this one grooves it out! 


Manchester’s Julie Campbell aka LoneLady has a new single out and it’s freakin’ marvellous. Groove It Out is a six-minute dance celebration and the first track taken from LoneLady’s upcoming second album. It’s also the first new music by Campbell since her remarkable 2010 debut LP Nerve Up.

Groove It Out was released as single on November 17, 2014 via Warp Records. The track is available as download and 12″ vinyl, you can buy the digital single from iTunes or order your physical copy from Bleep.

Cover Art:
Lone Lady - Groove It Out (2014)

01. Groove It Out
02. Groove It Out (LoneLady Michigan Dub)
03. Groove It Out (Ekoplekz Replekz)

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