New Audio-Visual Album: iamamiwhoami – Blue (2014/11/10) [Full Album Stream]

:: Now, you can take a full listen to BLUE!

Sweden’s duo iamamiwhoami – composed of singer/songwriter Jonna Lee and producer Claes Björklund – have created some truly exceptional things with their very own combination of music and its visual expression. Making the video as important as the song itself, the two released a series songs and videos assembled on the audio-visual album kin in 2012. It is now continued on iamamiwhoami’s new album Blue. The LP won’t be out before next week, but you can listen to the entire set already now.

Blue drops officially in the UK/Europe on November 10, 2014 via the duo’s own label To whom it may concern. The album will be available as digital edition, CD + 12″ white vinyl LP, CD + Book and LP + Book. You can pre-order your copy directly from to whom it may concern or buy digitally from iTunes.

The album is now streaming in its entirety over at Vogue. The first seven videos of Blue are streaming in the playlist above (via Youtube), watch out for the remaining three to follow soon.

Cover Art:
iamamiwhoami - Blue (2014)

01. fountain
02. hunting for pearls
03. vista
04. tap your glass
05. blue blue
06. thin
07. chasing kites
08. ripple
09. the last dancer
10. shadowshow

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