New Single: José González – Every Age (2014/11/05) [Official Video]

:: Adorable track! We’re impatiently waiting for the album!

A few days ago, Swedish guitarist, singer/songwriter and Junip frontman José González announced his third studio album Vestiges & Claws, the follow-up to 2007’s In Our Nature. This already is exciting enough as it is, but now you can also listen to Every Age, the beautiful first single from the album.

Every Age was unveiled yesterday (November 05, 2014) via José González’s Youtube. The song comes with an impressive music video directed by Simon Morris and Chris Higham and produced by global collective Eyes In Space. Watch and listen above. Filmed in space utilizing 360° film technology, the clip is a collaboration between José González, Assembled in Sweden & Narwhal Pictures.

Seven billion people on Planet Earth, of which only 536 are lucky enough to have seen Space. Eyes In Space aspire to change this, taking every one on a personal journey to roam the cosmos. The collective’s maiden voyage allows everyone to wander space freely using immersive 360-film to create an endless, all-sensory experience. The galactic journey is accompanied by José González’ newest release. Eyes In Space is a global collective established to mesh artistic experiment with scientific innovation to open new worlds. Space is the collective’s first destination.” (quoted from Youtube)

Vestiges & Claws drops on February 17, 2015 via Mute (North America), Imperial (EU), Peace Frog (UK), and Shock (AU/NZ). You can pre-order the digital album from iTunes or your physical copy (12″ vinyl and CD) here.

Cover Art (Photo by Malin Johansson):
José González (2014)

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