New Album: Sun Ra and His Arkestra – In the Orbit of Ra

:: Timeless masterpiece! Marshall Allen presents: In The Orbit Of Ra


Sun Ra is one of the most respected, and perhaps most misunderstood creative minds in jazz music. To commemorate what would have been Ra’s 100th birthday, we’ve teamed up with Art Yard for a very special release. In The Orbit Of Ra is a new collection presented by the longest serving member of the Arkestra and current bandleader, Marshall Allen. Bringing together Sun Ra highights from over 25 years of music, the album is the first internationally released compilation to provide an introduction to the music of Sun Ra, all mastered from the original tapes. [Press release]

Cover Art:

Artist: Sun Ra and His Arkestra
Title of Album: In the Orbit of Ra
Release Date: September 22, 2014
Label: Strut Records

Disk 1
1. Somewhere In Space
2. The Lady With the Golden Stockings
3. Somebody Else’s World
4. Spontaneous Simplicity
5. Plutonian Nights
6. Angels and Demons At Play
7. Island In the Sun (Extended Version – Previously Unreleased)
8. Rocket Number Nine Take Off for Planet Venus
9. Solar Differentials

Disk 2
1. Astro Black
2. Have You Heard the Latest News from Neptune
3. Dance of the Cosmo-Aliens (Live In Milan, 1978)
4. Trying to Put the Blame On Me (Live In Rome, 1977 – Previously Unreleased)
5. Planet Earth
6. The Nile
7. Reflects Motion, Pt. 1 (Previously Unreleased)
8. Reflects Motion, Pt. 2
9. Ancient Aiethiopia
10. Interplanetary Music
11. We Travel the Spaceways




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