Official Video: Von Spar – Chain Of Command [Free Download] / New Album ‘Streetlife’

:: Great tune!


Download & stream first single ‘Chain Of Command’ on Soundcloud.

Cover Art:

Artist: Von Spar
Title of Album: Streetlife
Release Date: October 24, 2014
Label: Italic Recordings

1 Chain of Command (feat. Ada & Christopher Cummings)
2 Breaking Formation (feat. Christopher Cummings & Pascal Schäfer)
3 Hearts Fear
4 V.S.O.P (feat. Scout Niblett)
5 Ahnherr der Schwätzer
6 Try Though We Might (feat. Christopher Cummings & Pascal Schäfer)
7 Duvet Days
8 One Human Minute (feat. Christopher Cummings, Charlotte Brandi & Johannes Stankowski)

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