New Album: Dntel – Human Voice (2014/09/23) / New Track ‘Ashby’

:: Always a bit weird, but totally enthralling tracks!


Two years after his last LP Aimlessness, released on DJ Koze’s Pampa label, Los Angeles based electronic musician and producer Jimmy Tamborello, better known by his Dntel moniker, has his fifth full-length out. It’s entitled Human Voice, and although the title suggests an album of vocal guest performances, quite the opposite is the case. The set of eight new tracks features inhuman, android voices – but find out yourself….

Human Voice drops officially in the UK/Europe on September 22, 2014 via Leaving Records / Stones Throw Records. North American release follows on September 23. The album will is available as digital download, CD and 12″ LP. The vinyl release includes an outtakes cassette with exclusive non-album tracks and immediate digital download of Human Voice. You can buy/order your copy in all versions directly from Stones Throw Records.

Ashby is the second track unveiled from Human Voice, listen above. The previously released track If I Stay A Minute is streaming below.

Cover Art:
Dntl - Human Voice (2014)

01. Human Voice
02. Fringes of Focus (Instrumental)
03. If I Stay A Minute
04. Bike Path
05. Foraya
06. Connections
07. Bay Loop
08. Ashby


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