Debut EP: Semi Precious – Semi Precious [Full Album Stream]

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Semi Precious is a sample-driven musical act created by the singer-producer Guy Baron. It is an attempt to recapture, reconstruct and reinhabit fading sounds. Each of Semi Precious’s mini-tracks is made out of two chopped/wrapped/shifted instrumental samples, layered with new vocals, lyrics and melodies. These tracks add-up to an eclectic set of miniatures that presents a copy-paste-like (yet lyrical) aesthetics and redraws the boundaries between songwriting and production/DJ practice. “A lo-fi piece of magic, casting an eery warped spell… Semi Precious squeezes, squishes and crushes two songs together on each of his tracks at a time, nicely weirding it all up. He adds his vocals on top, making for a trip of a listen, at times very beautiful, emotional, and, well – sad, and asking for a repeat listen time and time again” (Pop Lock). Semi Precious’s deubt EP is now available to order via squareglass records: [Press release]

Cover Art:

Artist: Semi Precious
Title of EP: Semi Precious
Release Date: September 03, 2014
Label: Squareglass

Upcoming Tour Dates: 
3 Sept // EP Launch // The Old Blue Last
1 Oct // Sebright Arms
23 Oct // 
KANADA // The Old Blue Last

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Official Website | Facebook | Twitter



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